When Is the Best Time to Buy?

We all feel that crunch in our wallets at holiday time, right? Have you ever thought about shopping all year as deals crop up to save money, and minimize your stress levels around the holidays? You may be thinking, “Yes, but where would I keep all that stuff? If not the holidays, when is the best time to buy things? I just don’t have the room in my house to store stuff all year. And I have nowhere to hide gifts where the kiddos won’t find them.”

Don’t limit yourself to seeking out deals just for the big holidays. There are other events all year long where storage can be a huge benefit. Oftentimes the biggest deals on specific items happen in the off-season for those items. Here is a quick breakdown of each month and some of the items you can get at deep discounts:

The Best Times to Buy – Broken Down By Month


This is probably the biggest sale month of the year. The holidays are over and retailers want to clear out! This is the best time to buy televisions and treadmills, as well as other exercise equipment and big-ticket items. Holiday decorations are at unbeatable prices as well. Get that brand new Christmas tree now, and simply toss (or donate) the old one when you take it down.

How about new toys for the kids? This time of year there are toy sales galore, CHA-CHING! Start stocking up now for next year’s holidays and even future birthdays for the year.

Now is the best time to buy a new mattress. Along with new mattresses, you will need everything that goes along with them, like sheets and pillows. January is the time for these “white sales”. Bedding, linens, and towels can be purchased at great prices compared to the rest of the year.

Winter clothing is on sale after the holidays, too. Buy those “must-have” boots you have been wanting or that awesome ski jacket. How about buying back-to-school clothes now for next fall? Great idea! Buy a size bigger for the kids and store them. They won’t know if you just bought them this week or six months ago.


President’s Day sales are everywhere! You will find great deals on new furniture and awesome deals on humidifiers, too. Grab that newspaper and flip through all the sales flyers to find that awesome deal.


Ahh, March. Leave those harsh winter months behind and buy new sports gear for the next winter season at great prices. This is the best time to buy luggage.

march is the best time to buy the pictured winter gear (skis, coat, and hat) and luggage


We all know those April showers bring May flowers. But did you know they also bring spectacular deals on raincoats? Our rainy season is so short that retailers want to move these items off their shelves quickly.

And, now that winter is officially over, you can prepare for next year’s winter surprises with the purchase of a snowblower at a much lower cost. Lawnmowers and other lawn equipment and tools are sold at great prices this time of year in preparation for the new models to arrive during the summer.


Maybe you are buying a house in the near future and you want to stock up on new appliances now. Did you know that statistics show that May is the best time to shop for a new refrigerator? Newer models start hitting stores in the summer, so spring is a good time to get a great deal on an older model.

Now is the time you will find spectacular deals on camping and other outdoor gear as well as patio furniture. And let’s not forget the athletic apparel that’s on sale now. All those Memorial Day sales are there for the taking. Remember, if you don’t need it now, you can store it!


Spring is almost over and June is when peak wedding season is in full bloom. Retailers take advantage of the season by having huge dishware sales, many times at 25 and 50 percent off.

june is the best time to buy dishes, like the pictured plates, bowls, and wine glasses


Still in the midst of wedding season, July is a great time for hitting sales on more home décor items such as cutlery, throw pillows, candlesticks, and picture frames. Furniture can be purchased at lower prices this time of year because retailers want the space to move new models into their showrooms.


Summer is fading fast, and there will be great deals on swimwear, grills and patio furniture. Maybe even that above-ground swimming pool you thought you had to wait until next year to purchase. Buy it now at half the cost and store it!


Early fall is a great time to buy all things home — including… a home! It’s also a great time to purchase a range, dishwasher, washer, or dryer! Even window air conditioners can be a steal as the hot, sultry days come to an end. Purchasing these items when they go on sale will save you tons of money, and get you prepared now for when you actually need them. It’s also a great time to buy yourself a new bicycle for next year or get one for your kids for the upcoming holiday.


Historically, October isn’t a great month for sales. But what about buying some school supplies that weren’t snatched up before the school year started? These are now on the shelves with big savings. How about a new backpack for next school year? Or a new laptop bag for you? You can also get a new computer at a great price.


The holidays are right around the corner, and you’re not nearly as stressed as last year. You took advantage of the sales all year long and you are reaping the benefits! Because of the holiday season kicking off, there are savings galore to take advantage of on just about anything. You can now go out on Black Friday and pick up some last-minute good deals, but not be dependent on it for your holiday shopping. Or, not go out at all! This year you have a choice.


There are sales and deals-a-plenty, so stock up on anything you didn’t pick up earlier in the year. Entertaining items like table cloths, decorations, and wrapping paper have some good deals, so grab them and get ready for your Holiday party.

red self storage units

Use a Storage Unit to Help You Stay Organized

A self storage unit can come in handy! Just think of all the deals that happen in January after the holidays wrap up when retailers want to get rid of all that leftover holiday stock to make room for the next season. You can fill some of that empty space in your storage unit with sale items from January through December. Or, you can get an additional storage unit just for these items.

Recap: The Best Time to Buy

These are just a few of the big deals you can look for all throughout the year. If you have some ideas that we didn’t cover, we would love to hear about them! Post them in the comments below. We will be happy to share them with our customers. After all, we all love a good deal, right?

If you are ready to start saving and need to set up a self storage unit so you can get started, you can reserve a unit or rent a storage unit online now. You can also stop in any of our convenient locations and talk with one of our friendly and knowledgeable property managers who will be happy to assist you. Happy saving!

This article was originally published 9/15/2015 and was updated 7/29/2021.

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