Where to Hide Presents From Kids

Finding where to hide presents from kids can be difficult; especially when they know all the places to look in your home. Remember when you were a kid? We searched closets, furniture, the basement, the garage, the shed – if it was in the house or in the yard I checked. Your kids are very likely the same and will do a lot of sleuthing. However, there is one place they wouldn’t think to look, and that is in your storage unit! Most kids probably don’t even know you have one. And even if they do know and have been to the property with you, there is no way for them to get there or get inside. It’s perfect! Taking advantage of that extra space you have in your self storage unit is a great way to keep the presents a surprise.

Where to Hide Presents: A Storage Unit!

The holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries can be stressful times. When you put all that thought into the perfect present, you want to make sure the person doesn’t see it beforehand. Hiding presents in your storage unit creates the quintessential hiding spot. Unless you have given the person (like your spouse) access to your unit, there is no way they can get in and go present peeking. Using your storage unit will also give you more room at home during the holidays because most people are unsure where to put presents until the big day comes, and likely they just don’t have the extra room to store them behind closed doors.

Some people start shopping early for the holidays and buy little by little over weeks and months. Keeping these presents in your self storage unit provides virtually no risk of anyone finding presents early. You also have access seven days a week, every day of the year, including all holidays. Make it your little Santa’s workshop or secret wrapping station. Set up a table and chair, and keep all of your wrapping paper, tape, tags, and so on organized in boxes and totes. Then you can wrap as you buy, and stack each family member’s presents in groups. Or you can plan to have a wrapping day every week or two up until the big day, or for the procrastinators the day before. You can even keep a gift journal in there and list out what you bought and the price, and keep all the receipts together for safekeeping.

If you are someone who buys presents for a lot of people (or just have a huge family and circle of friends) all year long – like for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, baby showers, just because, and so on – you can keep a storage unit primed for your present station year-round. For the most comfort, I suggest renting a temperature control unit, but you can always go with a drive-up unit if you don’t mind the temperatures. Simply keep a good supply of wrapping paper for each gift and event type, lots of tape, gift tags, bows, pens, and even a stash of cards in case you forget to buy those. We also recommend a battery-operated light or two that will give you enough light to clearly see what you are doing. And also keep extra batteries on hand. Then, if you are going to a party where you need your present, you can simply stop at your storage unit and grab the already wrapped and labeled present on the way there. Talk about being prepared!


It’s always a good idea to make sure you are taking advantage of all the space you have available in your storage unit. Many people forget about their storage unit when they are looking for where to hide things like presents. That is when it is the best time to remember it! A self storage unit is typically used to store all your extra stuff, your seasonal items, your kids’ stuff when they’re off at college, and most commonly when moving. But, don’t forget about the other beneficial uses you can take advantage of – like you’re your secret present hideaway!

If you have more tips for how to use your self storage unit in an “unconventional” way, please share them in the comments. And if you are ready to stage your secret present bunker, you can rent a storage unit online now and get started!