Using Self Storage While Away at College

Leaving college every year to return home for summer break can be very exciting. It also brings on certain questions, such as: How am I going to take all this stuff back home? Do I have to bring everything back with me? Where am I going to keep everything? This is the time to take full advantage of self storage!

Storing your belongings in a self storage unit keeps you from having to pack everything up, and in some cases move all your stuff across country, just to bring it back in three months when school starts again. Make sure you optimize every inch of space that you have inside your storage unit. You don’t have to pack your entire room and take it with you. Instead, focus on taking only the necessities, so you can simply come back for your other belongings after summer break and move them back into your dorm.

When going back home for summer you want to be worry free. You shouldn’t have to worry about what’s going to happen when you go back to school after summer is over. The last thing you should think about is possible damage to your belongings when you get everything out of storage. Making sure you choose the correct unit type will help prevent any issues so you can stop the worrying. Temperature control would be a great option since you are storing during the heat of summer. This will help prevent damage to sensitive items like wooden furniture and electronics. Making sure you get the right size is also important. You don’t want to cram everything into a unit that is too small, because that can cause damage.

The on-site property manager can help explain the different types and sizes of units offered so you can be sure to choose what you need. Coming into your chosen storage location and looking at available units is something you should consider doing before you rent a unit. Our property managers are trained to know what will fit in what size, which is important so you don’t get a unit that is too small, and what type you need to keep your valuables safe.

Most things can be condensed more than we think. If you neatly fold clothes rather than just rolling them into a ball, you will get much more into a box or storage tote. You can dramatically decrease the space you need by taking time to pack it all properly. You can also store small items inside larger ones. For example, putting silverware inside Rubbermaid containers, then placing those inside the drawer of your desk, and so on. Throw away anything you no longer need or want so you don’t store things that aren’t important or necessary.

Self storage is not only for the college kids though. For you parents out there who have kids in college, now is your chance! You have been waiting to turn your kid’s bedroom into an office or gym, and you can use self storage to help get this done. Placing their items in storage clears out their room so you can complete the renovations, without having to throw anything away. When they are home for the summer, they can go to your storage unit to go through all their items and get what they need. Since this will repeat for the next four summers, you can really get the most out of that extra room while they are away. But, be sure to keep space in there for them to set up an air mattress and have some area designated for their clothes. You may want their room, but you also want them to feel welcome during summer break!

Optimizing the amount of space that you have in your home is usually the number one goal for people who choose self storage. Using it for college is a great way to take advantage of that. Our rental agreements are month to month, so you never have to worry about a long term commitment. Once classes start back up and you’re getting all settled back in the dorm, simply let your property manager know in writing when you unit is empty and that you have moved out.

If you have used self storage for college before and you know what size you need; you can take full advantage of renting online. Renting online means you do not have to find a way to the location, if you do not have a car for example, or take time out of studying for finals or getting ready to move. It is super convenient and takes just a few minutes. If you would like some help, stop in to any of our locations and speak with our knowledgeable property managers. They can help get you all set up so summer break can begin. The perks of using self storage for college? No long term commitments, no headaches, no lugging boxes and furniture across states and security and safety of your belongings during the summer. After learning all the benefits, you are probably thinking to yourself, “Why didn’t I use self storage sooner?”

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