Used Snowblowers in Lancaster, PA: How to Buy

Snowblowers aren’t exactly cheap. Some can cost thousands of dollars, and that’s why many people look for used snowblowers to purchase. That way, they can save money and avoid the back-ache they’d get from shoveling! The problem is, unless you’re an expert, you might not know a decent used snowblower from a bad one. To help, we’ve put together this easy guide on how to buy used snowblowers in Lancaster, PA. You can use it to tell the difference between a quality used snowblower and a piece of junk. That way, you’ll blow that snow without blowing all sorts of dough! Enjoy!

Used Snowblowers in Lancaster: Use Caution

There are plenty of options for finding used snowblowers in Lancaster, that’s for sure. One caveat, however, that you must follow is this; use caution. Usually, these are cash transactions, and cash transactions attract thieves and crooks. (It’s sad but true.) We recommend;

  • Only meeting the snowblower seller during the day.
  • Meeting the seller in a public space.
  • Going with a friend or family member to make the purchase
  • Getting the name and phone number of the seller

Where To Find Good Used Snowblowers in Lancaster

These days finding anything is just a matter of going online and searching. The question is, where to search? We recommend going to a few specific places and online sites. The best of them include:


While eBay is a global marketplace, they certainly have sellers in Lancaster. (Shipping a snowblower would cost a fortune!) Yes, eBay fees are a bit higher, so your price will be higher also. But eBay is also safe. You’ll get a receipt for your transaction and also buyer protection. (In most cases, that will prevent someone from trying to sell you a piece of junk.)


Craigslist has a “for sale” section that is phenomenal. People sell used everything on craigslist, no doubt about it. You can search in Lancaster and usually find someone very close who has a snowblower for sale. The problem is that Craigslist is also a haven for scammers and crooks. Craigslist can also notify you when someone lists a snowblower, which can be very helpful.

Garage Sales

Garage sales are a great place to find used snowblowers in Lancaster! Of course, the biggest drawback is you have to drive around and hope someone has one for sale. (That could take a good bit of time and energy, no doubt.) If you buy a snowblower from a garage sale, we recommend taking it to a small engine repair company. That way, they can tell you if it is worth buying or not. 

Small Engine Repair Companies

There are many small engine repair companies in Lancaster. They repair snowblower and then sell them, usually for a reasonable price. The best reason to buy from a small engine repair company? You can be sure that a professional repair person has inspected it. (Also, they will sometimes give you a warranty.)

Used Snowblowers in Lancaster, PA: How to Buy

What To Look For in a Used Snowblower 

There are a few things any suitable used snowblower should do. (If it doesn’t, don’t buy it!) They include:

  • The used snowblower must start easily
  • There must be good tread on the tires
  • Look for an electric start option.
  • Listen to make sure the engine runs smoothly.
  • There should be little to no rust on the used snowblower.
  • When you use it, everything feels solidly held together.
  • Make sure there are no dangling wires.
  • Check the belts to make sure they’re all tracking straight.

How to Store Used Snowblowers in Lancaster, PA

Snowblowers and other seasonal landscaping gear can take up a lot of space in your home, it’s true. Shovels, scrapers, trimmers, edgers, and more can quickly fill up your garage or shed. That’s why many residents end up renting a storage unit in Lancaster. That way, they can safely store their seasonal landscaping gear. Storing in a Lancaster storage unit is easy, affordable, and offers easy access too. You can usually get in and out in just a few minutes through the keypad-controlled front gate. You’ll undoubtedly save a lot of space at home, that’s for sure. (Especially during the spring, summer, and fall months when you don’t need any of that equipment.)

Buying Used Snowblowers in Lancaster, PA is a Breeze

Lancaster is beautiful, but we do get plenty of snow days. Use a snowblower to make those days easier on your back and your budget. We hope that our guide helps you find one that will give you reliable service for years to come!

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