Uh-Oh! I Forgot to Make My Storage Unit Payment Last Month

So, you just received a certified letter from Moove In Self Storage and realized that you forgot to pay for your storage unit last month. You’re now wondering what happens to your belongings. Don’t worry; because when you’re at this point and have only missed paying for one month of rent, it can be easily fixed!

First of all, let’s review what happens when you miss your monthly rental payment. On day six (6) of not receiving your payment, a red lock goes on your unit door hasp so that you cannot access your storage unit. Your gate access code is also disabled so that you cannot gain entry to the property.

Secondly, we have been diligently trying to reach you to collect your payment. Automatic text messages with a reminder of your missed payment have been sent if you have a mobile number on file. Past due reminder emails have been sent to your email address on file, and we have even sent automated phone calls to your phone number on file. You may have even received a call from the property manager letting you know you have missed a payment.

Even with all of these reminder communications, it is possible that you have missed them for some reason or another. Maybe you lost your mobile phone, maybe your voicemail box is full or your phone number has been disconnected. If you have remained delinquent for 30 days, you will receive a certified letter which notifies you that you are now in lien status and your storage unit has been scheduled for auction for the following month.

In this certified auction letter, you will see an outline of the charges accrued for the month prior. If you made it to this point in being late with your payment, you would have already been given three grace periods to pay before any fees were added. Your payment is due on the first of each month, but you have a grace period of five days for your payment to be received. On day six, a $10 late fee is assessed on your account. Then at day 15 if no payment is received, a second late fee of $15 is assessed on your account. The last grace period is at 30 days. If we have not received your payment by day 30, another $15 late fee is assessed on your account, as well as a $15 certified letter fee. As you can see, those fees will add up quickly if you are late with your monthly rental payment.

We don’t want you to have any fees assessed on your storage unit, which is why we reach out many times in many forms to try to help you avoid that from happening. The worst thing is if we are attempting to get in touch with you, but you are not receiving those communications because you have changed your phone number, email or address and did not notify your property manager. Help us help you, and keep your phone number, email and home address updated at all times so that we can communicate properly with you.

There is good news though, even if you are late with your payment! You simply need to pay your past due balance in full to regain access to the property and your storage unit. Once you get your account current, the red lock is removed and your access code for the gate is restored. You can make your past due balance payment in cash, money order or certified or cashier’s check. Please note that when you are past due by 30 days, you cannot pay with a personal check or credit card. We also do not accept partial payments and we cannot waive any of the fees that have been assessed.

You do need to make your payment in full prior to the scheduled auction date of your storage unit, which is detailed in the certified letter. If you do not pay your past due balance in full by the auction date, your storage unit will be auctioned following the regulations for your state. It is important for you to know that we never want to auction anyone’s storage unit, and we never profit for any storage auction at any time. We would much rather keep you as a tenant and have you pay your storage unit on time each month.

We understand that there is a chance that you may be late with your payment from time to time due to circumstances out of your control. But to avoid late fees from being assessed and accrued, you need to ensure your payment is made by the fifth of the month before that first grace period ends. We offer many convenient payment options to help ensure you can make your payment on time each month, such as online bill payment, payment by phone with credit or debit card, payment via US mail and even payment in person in the rental office. We also offer autopay, where you can set up a credit card to be charged automatically on the first of the month, so you don’t even have to think about it!

If you have any questions about making your storage unit monthly rental payments, you can reach out to your friendly and knowledgeable property manager.