7 Self Storage Tips You Should Know

Is this your first time using self storage? Are you wondering how to get started and what to do first? We can help! Follow these simple self storage tips to make renting a storage unit easy, affordable, and hassle-free.

Self Storage Tip #1: Pick Somewhere Close to Home

Choose a self storage facility close to your home or apartment. This may seem like a “no-brainer” but it might surprise you just how many people miss it. The good news; Moove In Self Storage has dozens of locations around the tri-state area. Finding one that’s close to your home is easy! We’ve got storage units in:

  • Connecticut
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania

Self Storage Tip #2: Choose the Correct Lock

It’s essential to choose the correct lock for your particular needs. Depending on your preference, you may like one type better than another. For example, some people prefer to use a combination lock so they don’t need to worry about remembering a key.

We always recommend the use of a disc lock over a normal padlock. Disc locks are specifically made for the self storage industry. The shape of the disc lock prevents it from being easily cut off with bolt cutters. They are also pick-resistant and rust-resistant! You can purchase disc locks from your local Moove In Self Storage, even if you don’t rent with us.

Tip #3: Decide If You Need a Temperature-Controlled Unit

Temperature-controlled storage units help keep delicate items in pristine condition. Knowing beforehand if you need temperature control is critical. Items that might need a temperature-controlled storage unit include:

  • Classic Cars
  • Antiques, especially if they’re crafted from wood.
  • Delicate electronic instruments.
  • Anything that can’t handle extreme heat or cold.

Tip #4: Choose the Correct Size Self Storage Unit

There’s nothing worse than choosing a storage unit only to discover that it’s too small. If it is, you’ll need to select another unit and, ugh, move everything again. (Too large can be problematic also, but too small is worse.) Before you choose, take a look at Moove In’s Size Guide. It will help you determine which storage unit size is best for your needs.

Self Storage Tips

Tip #5: Organize Your Storage Unit (And Keep It That Way)

Don’t skip this self storage tip! Here’s the thing; you can store your things any way you like in your storage unit. However, if you organize it well, you’ll be able to fit so much more inside! Stacking boxes, using cheap shelving, and other techniques will help you organize your unit and stay organized. Need help? Check out these storage unit organizing tips.

Tip #6: Keep in Touch With Your Property Manager

One of the best things about Moove In Self Storage is that, at every location, we have an on-site manager. They help customers and also help keep every facility safe. They can also answer any questions and help you have the best self-storage experience.

That’s why staying in contact with them is a good habit. No, not every day, but a quick check-in occasionally is a good idea. For example. if you store a vehicle in outside storage, they can check on it for you. Keeping in touch with your property manager also allows you to learn about policy changes or promotions. We’ll always snail mail you about policy and rate changes, but it’s good to stay ahead of the game!

Self Storage Tips

Tip #7: Store Your Items With Moove In

We’re MooveIn Self Storage, and we hope these self storage tips are helpful! Our self storage units are clean, secure, and affordable. Our facilities are the perfect places for storing your vehicle, furniture, or just about anything else you want to be kept safe!

If you have more questions, contact us and we will be glad to help and offer even more self storage tips! And, if you are a veteran when it comes to self storage and you have some helpful self storage tips for the “newbies”, leave your comments below!

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Original post date: 1/28/2016. Updated 8/23/2021.

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  1. Organizing all your items is such good advice when renting a storage unit. it can be hard to fit things in, and especially to find things afterward if it isn’t organized. I agree that it’s so important to keep things organized for future use, and to get the most out of your unit!

  2. You’re so right! A messy storage unit can quickly become a black hole of lost items, so it’s always better to stay organized!

  3. Thank you for explaining that you should keep your storage unit organized. I’ve been wondering if and how we should organize our storage unit. I’ll be sure to remember this and make some plans to follow your advice.

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