The Pros and Cons of Living in Coralville, Iowa

As with practically all U.S. cities and towns, though, Coralville isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. A few things here need a slight improvement, although the list, thankfully, is short. Read on if you’re moving to Coralville and want to know about the good (and not-so-good) points here. We’ve got the essential pros and cons of living in Coralville, Iowa, below!

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Pros & Cons of Living in Coralville, Iowa

Just north of Iowa City lies Coralville, Iowa, one of the best places to live in the Cedar Rapids area. Boasting excellent schools, affordable living, and low commute times, Coralville is perfect for raising a family. The weather is good, and the cost of housing is definitely on the low side. See more about the good & bad below.

PRO- Coralville has an Enviable Cost of Living

With an overall cost of living index that is 10% lower than the National Average, it’s easy to see why some folks want to move to Coralville, Iowa. Saving 10% over the U.S. national average, for most families, will equal several hundred dollars a month. (It could be enough for 1 to 2 weeks’ worth of food or even a car payment.)

One reason the cost of living in Coralville is low is that housing costs here are so affordable. With an index of 81/100, you’ll be able to buy 20% more home for the same price. Or, put another way, a three-bedroom house in Coralville will cost you 20% less than many other American towns. Below is a list of the major cost indices in Coralville, Iowa, for comparison purposes when you’re making your own list of pros and cons of living here.

  • Overall- 10% lower than the national average
  • Groceries- 2% lower than the national average
  • Healthcare- 16% higher than the national average (The only cost in Coralville that is genuinely more expensive.)
  • Housing- 9% lower than the national average0 (An excellent index, no doubt.)
  • Utilities-7% lower than the national average
  • Transportation – 29% lower than the national average (One of the lowest in the country.)
  • Miscellaneous- 4% higher than the national average

By the way, many folks moving here rent Coralville storage units before they arrive. That way, they can take as much time as they like searching for a new home.

university of iowa hospital clinical building
University of Iowa Hospital Clinical Building

CON- Healthcare in Coralville is More Expensive

What’s surprising about Coralville is that healthcare costs here are 16% above the national average. That’s not to say that the healthcare itself is poor, but the price is slightly higher. For young families and retirees, this could be somewhat problematic. As we saw above, though, the good news is that most of the other costs in Coralville are indeed affordable.

PRO- Public Schools in Coralville are Rated Very Highly

Coralville is a great place for families with young children still in school. The reason why is simple; the public schools here are rated very highly. They get an A from Niche, which any good student will tell you is excellent. Even more impressive is West Senior High School, the #2 Best Public High School in the entire state! Suffice to say that your children will get an excellent education in Coralville.

CON- Coralville Lacks any Pro Sports Teams

If you’re a fan of live NFL, NBA, or MLB games, Coralville might be slightly disappointing. We have no professional sports teams here and, frankly, none that are close by either. The nearest cities with pro sports teams to Coralville are Chicago, Milwaukee, and Kansas City, several hours away. In other words, if you love pro sports, finding a good local sports bar is your best bet.

coralville iowa
Campground in Coralville, Iowa

PRO- Coralville, IA, is Rated Very Highly for Families

We mentioned earlier that Coralville, Iowa has excellent schools, which they indeed do and is a major pro on this list of pros and cons of living here. However, this lovely town also has several other amenities that make it perfect for families. For example, many outdoor activities here are great for the whole family, like biking, hiking, and camping. Health and fitness get good grades here also as we have many parks and green spaces to enjoy. (See below!) For mom and dad, the nightlife in Coralville receives an A, as it’s vibrant, fun, and offers plenty of fine restaurants.

CON- There are Very Few Beaches in Coralville

If you’re a big fan of the beach, Coralville is going to be slightly depressing. That’s because we’re about as landlocked as towns come. That being said, West Overlook Beach and Lake MacBride beach will do in a pinch. Both are on lakes, though, which some folks consider to be slightly inferior to the ocean.

pros and cons of living in coralville iowa
Iowa River

PRO- Coralville has many Parks and Green Spaces

If hiking, biking, camping, and playgrounds are what you seek, Coralville has plenty! There are several parks in and around our town that offer outstanding amenities. (They’re one of the reasons why it’s so good for families, as we mentioned above.) The parks here include:

  • S. T. Morrison Park
  • Riverfront Crossings Park
  • Hickory Hill Park
  • City Park
  • North Ridge Park
  • Potter Park
  • Mercer Park
  • Liberty Centre Pond

PRO- The Commute in Coralville is a Breeze

One thing many enjoy about Coralville is the commute time, which is only 19 minutes one-way. That’s nearly 10 minutes shorter than the U.S. average, almost 2 hours less spent staring through your windshield every week. That’s a big pro on this list of pros and cons of living here in Coralville, Iowa.

Pros Cons of living in Coralville, Iowa Brought to you by Moove In Self

It’s easy to see why Coralville, Iowa, is rated A+ by Niche. Excellent public schools, affordable housing, and good weather are just part of the town’s allure. Throw in plenty of outdoor activities, fun nightlife, and a low crime rate, and it’s practically perfect!

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Until then, best of luck finding your new home in Coralville, IA! We know that, once you’re settled in, you’ll love it here as much as we do! And hey, if you’re already here and need help with storage, we’re at your service!