The Most Underrated Neighborhoods in Lancaster, PA

In the heart of Pennsylvania’s Amish country lies the city of Lancaster, a beautiful city and an important commercial center. Described as ‘small town,’ Lancaster still offers many ‘big city’ amenities and is also a trendy tourist destination near the east coast. We also boast a very low crime rate and affordable cost-of-living, making any neighborhood in Lancaster accessible for both young families and retirees.

Today we’re going to look at some of the underrated neighborhoods in Lancaster to give you a better idea of the hidden gems that Lancaster offers. Wherever you decide to live, you’ll be glad to know that getting around the Red Rose City is easier than most. Lancaster is one of America’s most walkable cities! 

underrated neighborhoods in lancaster pa

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If a city dripping with United States history is what you seek in a place to live, you can’t do much better than York. It was in this humble part of Lancaster that the words “United States of America” were first heard. That was in September of 1777 when the Continental Congress met there. Normally in Washington, DC, the Congress moved there temporarily when the British were advancing. Indeed, they stayed there until June of 1778 as the temporary Capital of the United States.

Aerial of historic downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania with blooming trees


Ranked #9 in Best Suburbs to Live in Lancaster, the neighborhood Lititz is also rated very highly in many other areas. It gets a B+ for Schools and a B for Safety, Housing, and Diversity. Lititz also gets an A- as a place that’s good for families. If Lititz were a high school student, it would be on the Honor Roll! You’ll find a nice mix of people living in Lititz, including young families and professionals, along with a fair number of retirees.

One of the best reasons to live here is the wide variety of outdoor activities Lititz offers, including hiking, biking, hunting, and much more. (They get an A- in outdoor activities!) To top it all off, Lititz ranks as #143 on the list of 1301 Best Places to Retire in the United States! The high-quality healthcare available here is one of the reasons why. Lititz is a great choice and a marvelous place to live, work, and play.


Clean, safe, and quiet. Mountville defines what most people mean when they say ‘home town feel’. With the right mix of single-family homes, apartments, condos, and townhomes, Mountville has a small-town vibe even though it a neighborhood in the “big city” of Lancaster!

Mountville is also very conveniently located. It’s a short drive from Lancaster. With plenty of mom-and-pop restaurants, cafes, and eateries, however, you might not feel the need to leave. You’ll also find plenty of green spaces and parks here. The public schools are highly rated, and crime is very low too. We think that makes Mountville a perfect place to live and raise a family!

Conestoga Woods

While not necessarily a college town, Conestoga Woods rates very highly as a friendly place to live for college students. It’s graded more highly than nearly 90% of all other neighborhoods in Pennsylvania for college students. 

And here’s something exciting; if you’re a fan of row houses (attached homes), Conestoga Woods has more row houses then almost 97% of the US! (It’s like the San Francisco of the east coast!) Oh! The majority of the people who live in Conestoga Woods commute less than 15 minutes a day one-way. The fact that it’s a beautiful town to walk makes it even better, and a beautiful place to live.

Aerial view of small city of Lancaster Pennsylvania.


One of the more exciting facts about Fruitville is that less than 1.2% of the real estate here is vacant! Folks like living here so much that almost none of the homes and apartments are empty, which is saying something! An upper-middle-income neighborhood, Fruitville, has an average that’s more than 78.5% of the neighborhoods in the rest of the United States. 

The neighborhood is also one of the cleanest in the Lancaster area, with manicured lawns and clean streets. It still has a small-town feel, but that’s mixed with a trendy, upscale vibe that you’ll see in the restaurants, bars, and stores here. It’s beautiful, no doubt, but the home prices here are a bit more than some other, nearby communities.

aerial view of farmland in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

The Best Tip for Moving to Any Neighborhood in Lancaster Metro Area

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Lancaster – A Wonderful Place To Live, Work, Raise or Family or Retire

We hope you enjoyed this overview of some of the more underrated neighborhoods in Lancaster. Wherever you decide to live, we’re sure that you’ll truly enjoy it here.

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