5 Spring Cleaning Tips

storageyorkpaWe may be a little crazy, but we won’t lie.  We like Spring Cleaning.  Maybe because we get sick of Winter and like anything that is paired with warm weather.  Or maybe it is because we see a lot more of our self storage PA customers coming into our office to say hi, or maybe it is because we meet a lot of new faces who come to us asking for help storing their clutter.  Whatever it is we like it.  Here are our top five crazy good tips for your Spring Cleaning adventure.

If you are moving furniture around while cleaning you can avoid scuffing your floors by folding and placing two clean towels under each end of the piece of furniture and simple slide it across the floor. Martha Stewart has this and other great tips in her Clever Spring Cleaning Tricks article.

Whether donating items or saving them for a sale, Good Housekeeping suggests to package them now in clearly marked boxes that can be stored until yard sale season starts, or until you have time to visit your local charity drop-off center.

Real Simple has a great checklist for organizing a basement (not a fun chore). Start by assessing the clutter, deciding what to keep, labeling items and installing things like shelving or hooks to store items off of the floor.

Did you know DIY cleaners are easy to make and work great? There are many cleaners you can make on your own with ingredients you may already have. The Mint suggests a great one that can clean tough stains and build up in the shower, combine a ½ cup baking soda, 1/3 cup ammonia, ¼ cup vinegar, and six cups of water in a plastic spray bottle.

It’s also a great time to break open that freezer and start to get rid of those freezer burnt veggies. Bear in mind that anything stored in the freezer for longer than 2-3 months should be tossed as well. You can see all of the Good Housekeeping guide on what to keep, toss or donate here.

We hope you have a blast getting your home ready for Spring!

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