The Importance of Storing at a Clean, Well Managed Storage Facility

We have all pulled up to a business with litter on the grounds, overflowing trash cans, weeds all over and thought, “Wow, does the staff just not care how we feel as a customer?” A good first impression is so important to customers. After all, you only get one chance at a first impression. It could be the deciding factor whether that customer comes in or ever comes back. This is also true for self storage companies.

A clean storage facility tells customers that the company cares about them and takes pride in their business. When you are shopping for a storage facility, look around the property. Is the grass in need of cutting and trimming? Are there weeds everywhere the eye can see? Are the aisles free from trash and debris? Are the windows clean and the entry door free of finger prints and dirt? Are the keypads and signage clean and easy to read? If you answered no to most of these questions, move on to the next storage company. If they don’t care enough about their own business to keep these items in check, they likely won’t care much about you or your belongings.

Self Storage Property Managers

We feel that it’s very important to create a comfortable environment for our customers. We take pride in how our properties look in every detail. We have regular lawn maintenance and weed control, we have snow removal in the winter, we have a fully staffed maintenance team to fix burnt out lights, touch up paint and make repairs; and that is just naming a few of our efforts. Our property managers take pride in their stores, and pick up all trash and debris on the grounds, they keep the office clean and organized, they pull weeds, and they really care about the details. We want you, our customers, to keep coming back to us when storage needs arise. Plus, we love the referral of family and friends – and we can’t get those if we don’t take care of our properties and our customers.

Pest control is another issue that should be considered. Make sure the storage company you select has preventative measures in place to protect from pests. We have routine pest control at all of our locations for the protection of our customers’ belongings and the entire property.

The inside of the office is just as important as the exterior grounds, so be sure to check that out when you visit a storage property before making a decision. The office should smell fresh when you first enter, and look clean and organized at first glance. Make sure the restroom is clean and stocked with adequate paper products and hand soap. Desks and shelves and retail items for sale should be free from dust. The floors should be vacuumed and clean. The counters should be neat and free of clutter. If the rental office is in disarray and not clean, it gives off a bad impression and you should take that to heart. Again, if this is not taken care of, what makes you think the property manager or owner cares about you or your stuff? If they don’t care about their own items, why would they care about yours?

Drive Up Storage Units

When you walk around the exterior during a tour of the property, look at the buildings and doors. Do they appear to be in good repair? Are there dents and scratches all over? Are the buildings in overall good repair? Ask to see an empty unit or two or three, and operate the door. Make sure it opens and closes easily without tension or difficulty, that it closes securely and the lock hasp works well. Is the storage unit clean inside and swept? Are the interior buildings well lit, clean and smell fresh? If you wouldn’t feel comfortable moving your items in at that very moment, that is a bad sign. Our property managers make sure all vacant units get cleaned and swept regularly until they become occupied. They also ensure any broken doors and hasps get repaired or replaced by our maintenance team. They even sweep the halls in our interior buildings and clean dirt from doors. They care how the property looks and functions, and that is very important.

Is the overall property well lit at night? Is it fully fenced? Is there an electronic gate to gain access? Do you see security cameras on site? Are they in working order? These items are important for your security and the safety of your items inside your storage unit when you aren’t there. A well managed storage facility will have all of these things and more. If you think you would feel unsafe or be fearful at all in the dark on the property by yourself, then find a property where you will feel safe when you are alone at night. Your intuition will serve you well in this instance.

Self Storage Resources

Are there resources for you, as the customer, to help answer questions? Is there a property manager on site regularly? Does the storage company have a website? Is there a call center to answer calls from you after hours? These are other important items to check into before deciding. You want a storage property that has a property manager on site at least five days a week to help you when you need it. You also want to know that if you call after hours you can get help or at least a quick answer, or have the ability to leave a detailed message. You want a website where you can make payments and manage your account, and one where you can read FAQs or a blog to find tips and tricks for using self storage. If the storage company you are considering cannot check most of these boxes, you should find another one who can.

Finding a clean, well managed storage company is more important than you probably realized. When you review all the items above, it starts to paint a clear picture. You want a company who obviously cares about themselves, because that will in turn translate into how much they care about their customers. Make sure you feel safe and comfortable on the property, and with the property manager. If you have any doubts at all, ask questions. And if you don’t get satisfactory answers, then you need to move on to the next company. After all, you are planning to store your valuable possessions with them. Make sure you find the right storage company who truly believes that your belongings are just as important as their own.

If you have any questions about finding the right storage company for your needs, you can reach out to our team of property managers or contact us for more information. And if you have done your research and you realize that Moove In is perfect for you, you can rent a storage unit online now and get storing!