Storage Tips

The Best Way to Store Wooden Furniture

I have been asked numerous times, “What is the best way to store wooden furniture in my storage unit?” This is a great question, and one that many people don’t know the answer to. So, let’s review!

When storing your wooden furniture, it doesn’t matter if you are in an exterior drive up unit or an interior temperature controlled unit, as the process is the same. If you follow these steps, you will help protect your wooden furniture while in storage.

  1. Plan on where inside the storage unit you will be storing the furniture and other items. Normally, you will want to place the furniture in the back of the unit to better protect it. Or against a side wall. Remember that furniture is large and is something you likely won’t be needing for weeks, months or even years. Plus, you will also have many boxes and smaller items that you may need to access more often. So, you need to plan ahead.
  2. Clean everything thoroughly. You never want to store furniture in a dirty unit, or store dirty items inside a clean storage unit. Not only will the odors travel to nearby units and your other items, but cleaning everything will cut down the chance of mold. Use a mild soap and water, nothing fancy. You can also use Murphy Oil Soap to give the wood another barrier of protection. Ensure everything is completely dry before placing it into your storage unit.
  3. Take everything apart. Remove arms, legs and any other removable parts. By disassembling furniture, it will give you more ways to pack it in the unit, and more room overall inside your storage unit. Put all hardware in a baggie and label it clearly for fast reassembly when that time comes. You can place the baggie inside a drawer or tie it to a leg or other part of the furniture to keep it together.
  4. Wrap furniture, legs and all. You can use old sheets, drop cloths, bubble wrap or plastic dust covers for your furniture. Make sure everything is fully covered with your choice of wrap, and tape together to keep it on securely – but don’t tape on the wooden surface or you can cause damage. If you plan to stack boxes or anything else on top of your furniture, be sure to use a moving blanket, plastic cover or other similar item to protect the surface from scratches or damage that can be caused by the other items.
  5. For non-temperature control units, you should lay down plastic or a tarp on the concrete floor to keep the elements from getting to your belongings. Raising furniture off the floor with wooden pallets or cinder blocks adds an extra layer of protection and provide constant air flow. Even just using a layer of cardboard or a drop cloth is better than nothing.
  6. Don’t cram too much inside your storage unit. Take time to organize your storage unit for easy access. Pack the larger items in the back and work your way to the front with the small items. Make sure there is a walkway to the back of your unit for easy access. If you stay organized, your furniture stays safe and won’t be damaged. If you just put everything in your storage unit with no plan, you can easily scratch or even break furniture when you get into and out of your unit to access other items.

If you follow these steps, you can ensure your furniture looks exactly like it was when you first placed it in your storage unit. And please share any additional tips you have in the comments below.

If you have questions, you can contact us or talk with our knowledgeable property managers.