Strangest Things in Storage

Ever curious about what people store? Well here are some strange items that have been found in self storage units. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

Illegal Fireworks.

2,800 pounds of them. We’re not sure what type of event this person was planning but that is a lot of fireworks. Note: Fireworks and anything flammable cannot be stored in a storage unit so don’t get any ideas.

Very Old Seeds.

Archeologists uncovered an ancient storage unit in China, and stumbled upon 3,000 year old seeds, that were still viable and usable. They included almond, melon, millet, grass and other kinds.

Tarbosaurus Skull:

Think Actor Nicholas Cage versus Leonardo DiCaprio, in a war over a very large dinosaur skull. Actors, sheesh.

Never-Released Michael Jackson Tracks.

Never released tracks were found in a storage unit Joe Jackson had abandoned, even including some tracks with Tina Turner. The winning bidder was even able to claim them, since they were abandoned and were from when Michael Jackson was between contracts.

If you have strange things like this, minus the fireworks, store them at our storage units in PA!

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