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Security Benefits and Features When Choosing Us

When it comes to using self storage, one of the biggest issues people tend to stress over is the security of their belongings. We realize that security and peace of mind are of the utmost importance to our tenants. There are several steps we take to ensure that we offer secure self storage for all of our customers.

Property Managers Are On Site At Least 5 Days A Week.

Every one of our locations has a Property Manager on site during regular business hours at least five days a week. As a property manager, one of our duties is to complete at least two daily walk throughs on the property. During this walk through, we are examining storage units to ensure doors are closed and locks are secured, checking for damage to doors or anywhere else on the property, cleaning up litter, and making sure there is no evidence of mischief or funny business occurring. We also review all after hours gate activity to see who was on the property after normal business hours.

Because we have a property manager on site regularly, we can help tenants with any issues that arise quickly. We are also there if a tenant has any questions, wants to purchase retail items, make a payment on their account or make any changes to their account information.

CCTV System.

Every location has a 24/7 closed circuit tv camera system which records to a hard drive. There are cameras at multiple points throughout the property including key areas like gates, building access doors, rental office and so on. Even when a property manager is not on site, the cameras are recording all action at the property to ensure your belongings are protected.

Fully Fenced With Access Code Gate.

Each property is also fully fenced and secured with an electronic access code gate. By fencing in our properties, we are keeping unwanted visitors out and helping keep you safe while you are on the property, even after the rental office has closed for the day. Each tenant has an individual and unique access code to enter the property. By providing tenants with individual access codes, we are able to monitor exactly who was on the property and when, and even how often they are visiting at odd hours. If we notice one of our tenants is visiting the property every day at 9pm and stays for an hour, which seems unusual; we can investigate to ensure they are following all rules and regulations and not doing anything illegal on site. This adds a layer of security so if any mischief occurs, we can narrow down who was on the property at that time. Having an electronic access code gate also ensures that only tenants are accessing the property and not any unwanted guests.

Valid Photo ID Required To Rent A Storage Unit.

We require a valid photo ID when renting a storage unit at any of our stores. This allows us to confirm the person signing the rental agreement is who they say they are, which in turn prevents unauthorized access from non-tenants. We also do not permit access to any storage unit by anyone not listed on the rental agreement unless an authorization form has been signed in person with the property manager to grant access.

Industry Recommended Disc Locks.

We also offer disc locks for sale in the rental office, which are hands down the best and safest locks for self storage. These locks were designed specifically for the storage industry. They are made of steel, rust resistant, and when secured on the door hasp properly they are nearly impossible to break, damage or cut. We do not recommend any other type of lock, because frankly nothing else stands up to the quality and security that disc locks provide.

When it comes to safety and peace of mind when using self storage, we have you more than covered. Secure self storage is the top priority of our company and every member of our team. Your belongings are important to us because they are important to you. You can rest easy knowing that your items are secure even when you are not on site.

If you are ready to start using safe and secure self storage, you can rent a unit online or contact us for more information. You can also reach out to our team of knowledgeable property managers and they will be glad to provide guidance and assistance and provide you with the best storage solution for your needs.