Packing Tips

Storing Holiday and Seasonal Decorations

Using a self storage unit is a great idea to store your seasonal belongings and holiday decorations. Rather than keeping all of these things at home where they can take up valuable space and clutter your home, place them into your self storage unit!

Everything from winter clothing, summer clothing, holiday decorations, lawn mowers and other landscaping equipment and tools, pool supplies and toys, and seasonal sports equipment are just a few items you should consider storing. These are all items that you only need for a certain length of time each year. So why would you keep it all in your garage, attic or shed? When you use a self storage unit for your seasonal belongings, you will gain back valuable space at home for more essential things that you need all the time.

Using your self storage unit for seasonal storage and holiday decorations all year long provides you many benefits. You will gain back tons of space at home, you only need one storage unit that you can use for all seasons and holidays, and your valuables will stay safe and secure when not in use. As the seasons change and holidays come and go, you can swap out the items you need from storage for the items you no longer need at home. As you take items out of your storage unit, be sure to rotate everything and move the next season’s or holiday’s items to the front, and place the items from the season or holiday that just ended in the back. Doing this as you make the swap will save you time and stress when you visit your storage unit next. It may seem a little like a pain as you do this each time, but trust me, it will be much easier than just shoving everything in there with no rhyme or reason. How would you be able to find anything by doing that?

Some great tips to keep in mind when using self storage are to label everything clearly, use boxes designed for long-term storage, ensure everything is clean and dry, and keep a diagram of your storage unit contents. Let’s review:

Label Everything.

Make sure you label all boxes and totes so you can quickly find what you are looking for without having to open every box to see what’s inside. We suggest labeling the top and at least two sides of each box and tote. You should write the name of the season or holiday very large:

For example, “Halloween”, “Winter”, “Christmas” and so on.

Then, if you have a lot of different items in the boxes, list out exactly what’s in there as well:

For example, “Plates, cups, plasticware and napkins”, or “Candles, candy dishes, living room decorations.”

And, if you have multiple boxes, it may be a good idea to number them:

For example, “Box 1 of 5”, “Box 2 of 5” and so on.

By rotating the items with each season, it should be a breeze to find them all. But, even with the best plan and organization in place, you could still miss a box here and there by accident. Using the box numbering system will help you avoid getting all the way home and going through your items just to realize you are missing some things! Labeling everything this way will help you quickly know which boxes to grab, what’s inside them and how many boxes you need to take with you.

Use The Correct Boxes.

If you are using your self storage unit for seasonal storage year round, you need to ensure the boxes you use are going to stand up to the test of time. Grabbing those free boxes from the grocery store is not going to cut it. Those are designed to break down rather quickly and often have food odors and residue on them (not good for storage, as that will attract pests). Purchasing our affordable, high quality boxes from our retail shop is the best option. These boxes are designed for long periods of time in storage, are crush tested, specially treated to prevent mold and mildew and will not buckle or sag.

Clean And Dry Everything.

When rotating your belongings each season or holiday, make sure that all items are clean and dry. If you place something that is wet or damp into storage, that will likely encourage the growth of mold and mildew, which will quickly spread to your other valuables. Taking a few minutes to wipe everything down and letting them dry overnight before taking them to your storage unit is the smart move.

Keep A Diagram Of Your Storage Unit.

You will need to modify your diagram as you swap things out for the seasons. Even though this takes a few minutes as you make changes, it is a very valuable tool in finding things quickly and easily. Simply use a piece of graph paper or plain copy paper, and mark off where each season is located inside your storage unit. This becomes especially necessary if you also use your storage unit for other items like extra furniture and excess stuff you don’t want at home right now. Keep a copy of this diagram taped on the wall just inside the storage unit door, and also keep a copy either in your car or at home.

Depending on what items and how many items you plan to store, you have several storage unit types and sizes to choose from at Moove In Self Storage. We offer drive up, interior access and temperature control storage units. We also have sizes ranging from 5×5 through 10×30 and larger at some locations. If you are unsure what size or type of storage you need, simply contact us or ask your property manager for some help.

Next time you are looking at your seasonal belongings stored in your closets, basement or garage, consider a self storage unit to simplify things instead. If you are ready to get more organized and get those seasonal items out of your way, you can rent a storage unit online now and get started today!