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Reclaim Your Closet – Storing Clothes

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It’s time to reclaim your closet using self storage! Whether Spring has sprung or Fall is approaching, most women swap the clothes in their wardrobe for the next season. Instead of digging past all those totes or boxes you have piled high with other odd things that we shove in the closet, reclaim it! Stop filling your closets so full that you really can’t use them and your clothes are getting wrinkled and damaged. Consider storing clothes in a self storage unit. A self storage unit is easily accessible and gives you the extra closet space you desperately need.

Picture this:

You start wishing you had your shorts and tank tops out because the temps are warming up and Spring is here with longer days and the sun shining brightly. Do you really want to go digging for them in that dreaded closet, past all those warm and bulky clothes you have been wearing the past few months?

Instead of dealing with that mess each passing season, just pack up your cold weather clothes and head on over to your self storage unit. It’s convenient and secure, and it works in all seasons. You can swap out all your Winter clothes for your Spring and Summer ones in a jiffy! Then do the reverse swap in the Fall. Doesn’t that sound nice?

organized closet

If you live in an apartment or condo, or just don’t feel like sacrificing all your closet space for the clothes you aren’t going to wear again for five or six months, then you should start storing clothes in a self storage unit. We recommend a 5×5 or a 5×10 for all your boxes and storage totes. You will basically gain a nice big closet to keep all your extra clothes in when you don’t need them, and your closets at home will become a breath of fresh air. Instead of feeling overwhelmed when you open the door, you will feel refreshed and ready for your day.

If you have a lot of expensive clothes that require dry cleaning or need ironed, we suggest that you use a temperature control storage unit. With temps ranging from 55-80 degrees year round, your valuable wardrobe will be protected from the damage of extreme temperatures. You can use boxes or storage totes, or you can even bring in one or two of those clothing racks to hang your clothes up. Or you can purchase wardrobe boxes from our retail store inside the rental office. They come with a hanging bar and can be closed after you fill them, which keeps your clothes neat, wrinkle free and prevents the build up of dust and dirt. Plus, they are heavy duty and specially treated for long periods of time in storage, so they won’t break down and they will help protect your clothes from moisture. It’s also recommended when storing clothes, to place them inside plastic or cloth covers to keep them free of dirt and dust while in storage.

You can talk to any of our friendly property managers to get started storing clothes and clothing. We have a variety of storage unit types and sizes, and our team can help you decide which one is best for your needs. If you are ready to start getting your closet whipped back into shape, you can reserve or rent a storage unit online 24/7 and reclaim your closet!

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