Part 2 – Life Events when Self Storage is Beneficial – the Unexpected

Life Events when Storage Is Beneficial - Unexpected

In part one, we talked about the events you can plan for in life. However, there are a lot of things that happen in which we cannot prepare for ahead of time, at least not completely. Many of these events happen at a moment’s notice and suddenly you are faced with many important decisions that need to be made quickly. Self storage is a great resource to lean on during these tough times.

Here’s how storage can be beneficial when these (mostly) unexpected times rear their head:

Job Relocation.

Job Relocation

You found out today that your position is moving to the corporate office in another state out west and you need to relocate in a couple months if you want to keep your job. You know you’ll be living in an apartment until you can find a new home to purchase. Rather than moving everything with you initially, you can move your unnecessary belongings into storage for safe-keeping. Once you are all settled in the new home, you can pack up your storage unit and make the trek with everything in tow. Several of our facilities partner with Penske Truck Rentals, meaning we can easily help you secure a moving truck for the big move cross-country. We also provide you with tips on how to move to keep you organized and ensure you don’t forget anything.

Divorce or Break-up.

No one plans to break-up or get a divorce when they start a relationship. But it’s a fact that many relationships end this way. When this happens, you are suddenly faced with a change in living arrangements. One or both of you will be moving out of your apartment or home, and possibly even selling your home. After the decision is made to end a relationship, having a self storage unit is a quick and easy way to move your things from your home into a safe place until you figure out the next steps. We can help you with tips on how to pack, how to move and even how to store your belongings – giving you one less thing to worry about during this difficult time in your life.

Unexpected FuneralDeath of a loved one.

The untimely passing of a loved one is something that happens to all of us. Let’s face it, most of the time we haven’t planned for it because it is unexpected. All of the sudden you have all the items from their estate and nowhere to store them until the estate can be settled. This is especially true if your loved one rented or was in a retirement or nursing home. Using self storage is an affordable option that is available quickly. Moving their belongings to a storage unit will keep everything safe until all the other immediate needs are taken care of first. Then you won’t have to worry about it until you are ready.

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Military Service.

You are called to active duty and you have no idea how long you will be deployed. Suddenly you have an apartment or house full of stuff and you need to get it out quickly before you leave. You probably have at least one vehicle that will be sitting around while you are away as well. Using storage for your belongings while you’re away is smart. You can choose a parking space for your vehicle or even a large drive up unit to use like a garage. There is no long-term commitment so you can store only as long as you need – which is perfect if you aren’t sure how long you will be deployed or if your deployment changes suddenly. We have the convenience of online payments and we also offer automatic payments so you can set them up and forget about them. Both perfect for a military member who is overseas.

Tragic Event – Flood or Fire.

There aren’t many things more devastating than a flood or fire at your home. You could have just a small flooding issue when your sump pump breaks suddenly and only your basement is affected or you caught the kitchen on fire in a cooking accident (it was the stove’s fault, I swear). But there are also those times when you could have a whole-home tragedy from a major flood or massive fire. One moment everything is just fine, and the next moment your life is in pieces. We see these stories on the news all the time and think that it can’t happen to me.

In either case, storage can be a real asset as you begin the process of cleaning up the mess and salvaging what you can. You can bring everything to your storage unit and sort through it to see what you can save in a clean, safe and protected environment, out of the weather and in privacy. You can also use your storage unit to keep all the donated items your community has pulled together to help you and any new items you purchase until you get set up in a new home or your home is repaired or rebuilt.

Mold in Your Home.

Mold issues in your home or basement can be a health issue for you. They need to be handled quickly to prevent long-term negative effects. While the restoration company is removing the mold and repairing your home, you can house your items in a self storage unit.

Accidental Damage to Your Home.

Storm DamageA severe thunderstorm comes raging through and knocks a tree down, and it fell onto your home instead of in the yard. The damage is extensive, but at least no one was home when it happened. Your roof has major damage, some windows are broken and your bedroom is not safe to sleep in until everything is repaired.

Or, you live near a busy intersection where accidents are common. Unfortunately this time a car managed to run right through your fence and into your living room. Luckily no one was hurt, but your house needs some major repair work completed.

In both instances, you can move everything into a storage unit while the repairs are being made. There are a lot of things that can happen accidentally to your home, and most of us are lucky enough to avoid them throughout our lives. However, if you are one of the unlucky ones, having a storage unit can be a real benefit.

The unexpected things in life can really throw you a curve ball. Let us help you by providing a safe and secure storage unit to house your personal belongings during your time of need. Our property managers are very friendly and knowledgeable, and are here to help. You can contact us at any time with questions or concerns about using self storage.

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