Part 2: Seasons – Preparing for Fall Storage

Part 2 Seasons, Fall Storage Feature
Is Your Self Storage Unit Ready for Fall?

Before you know it, summer will be over and the cool, crisp feeling of fall will be upon us. If you already store with us, now is the perfect time of year to get into your self storage unit and give it a check-up to make sure it is ready for fall. If you are planning to start using self storage this fall, it’s a great time of year to move things into storage with the cooler temps and lower humidity.

Here a few steps we recommend you take to ensure that your valuables are in good shape after surviving the hot summer months, and while in storage during the fall and winter months.

Give Your Storage Unit a Check-Up!

August is when the summer heat and humidity are at their peak in our area. If you used a drive-up storage unit all summer long, you really need to get in there and check that everything is in good shape – especially if you rarely visited. No matter what type of storage unit you have, be it drive-up, inside access or temperature controlled, this is an important step to take when the seasons change.

Everyone knows the saying, “Out of sight, out of mind.” That can be the case quite often when using storage. Come visit your unit and re-familiarize yourself with is contents. If you haven’t visited in a while, it’s easy to forget what you have tucked away in there. Now is the time to replace the container of Damp-Rid you placed in there during the spring. This will help keep the moisture levels inside your storage unit as low as possible and help prevent mold or mildew. If you simply gathered free boxes from the grocery store to pack away your stuff and they are falling apart now, you may need to purchase some new ones. Our retail store is fully stocked packing and moving supplies, including a variety of boxes that resist crushing, will stack nicely and are specially treated to help prevent mold and mildew.

Disc LockDouble check that you are using the recommended disc lock on your unit. Disc Locks have been created specifically for the storage industry and will provide your valuables the most protection and keep your mind at ease. Remember that your tenant insurance deductible is waived when you use a disc lock.

Is your door bulging, drooping or squeaking when you open and close it? This is very unlikely, but if you do notice anything of this nature, please stop in the office and notify the property manager. We can then have our maintenance team take a look and keep everything in tip-top shape.

Pack Away the Summer Gear

Patio FurnitureIf you store with us all year long, the fall months are the ideal time to pack away your patio furniture, pool accessories and summer gear in preparation for winter. You can also move your lawnmower and other yard equipment and tools into storage since you won’t be mowing the grass in November (well, let’s hope not!). Just remember that you need to drain the tanks of gas, oil and other flammable liquids before placing them into storage.

While you are packing away the summer gear, be sure to unpack the winter gear and take it with you. Make sure your sweatshirts and comfy jeans are pulled from storage and placed into rotation in your closet; and you move the tank tops, sandals and swimwear into storage. Don’t forget the snow-blower, shovels, ice melt, sleds and skis…everything you plan to use frequently during the cold and snowy months should either go with you or be moved close to the door so it is ready when you need it.

Get Your Student Ready for College

For parents of college students, self storage is a great option! You can pack away all of your student’s extra belongings so you can turn that bedroom into an office or an in-home gym like you always wanted while they are away. And, when they come home between semesters or for the summer, their belongings are just a quick storage trip away when they need something.

College Students and BikesYou can also find a self storage facility close to campus for your student. That way, they can keep the bulkier things they can’t live without (but just won’t fit in their dorm room) close at all times: a bicycle, kayak, extra school supplies, an extra hot plate or toaster and so on. Dorms, in general, are typically small bedrooms that are often shared amongst two or three students and have little to no space to store anything outside the essentials. You can rest assured knowing they have everything they need at their fingertips while far from home when using self storage.

Get Ready for the Holidays!

Feel free kick off the holiday season by pulling out your fall decorations! Make your residence a bit cozier by having those fall wreaths hanging from your front door and the cornucopia resting over your mantle.

Make sure the holiday lights, wrapping paper, Christmas tree and other decorations are moved closer to the door of your unit. That way you can easily swap out the fall décor for the winter stuff after Thanksgiving.

Put Away the ’57 Chevy

Antique CarWe all know the invention of the automobile was legendary. For those of you who own a piece of history and treat it better than your children (well let’s hope not, but we all know that guy who won’t take the car out in the rain), fall is a great time to give your “baby” a tune-up and prep it for storage.

Our drive up units are the perfect solution to keep your car out of the elements, while at the same time granting you easy access to provide the necessary battery and tire pressure checks (or just a monthly visit to make sure she is hanging in there in the middle of January…you know who you are).

Winterize the RV and Boat

RV/CamperIf you own an RV or boat, fall is the first chance to winterize it and prep it for the colder months. Let’s face it, it’s easier to shovel the driveway and build a snowman in the yard if the RV is out of the way and off your property. We have parking spaces that will accommodate all sizes of RVs and boats, plus keep them safe and protected when not in use. You can learn more about storing titled property at our facility by reading one of our recent blogs.

Fall brings cooler weather, the return to school and the end of vacation season. Make sure both you and our self storage unit are ready for the season.

If you would like to get more information about fall storage, you can contact us at any time. Enjoy the rest of summer…it will be over before you know it!

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