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Indoor Vehicle Storage vs. Outdoor

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You have realized that you need somewhere to park your vehicle other than on your own property. So, where do you begin? How do you go about finding somewhere to keep it where it will be safe and easily accessible? What type of parking is out there? That’s where we come in, we are here to help you! Whether you have an RV, boat, motorcycle, antique car or even just a work trailer, we can provide you with several options to store your vehicle in a safe and secure environment with both indoor vehicle storage and outdoor.

Many people don’t realize that we have parking spaces available where you can park an extra car or work trailer, and even something as large as a 40’ motor home year round. They also may not realize that you can even have indoor vehicle storage by storing a car or motorcycle inside one of our drive up units. Now, for those of you who may be wondering whether a parking space or a drive up storage unit will suit you better, I’m here to explain the differences and benefits of each to help you decide.

Outdoor Parking Space

Outdoor Parking SpacesParking your vehicle outdoors may not seem like it has many advantages, but it certainly does! For those of you with large vehicles such as an RV, boat or large work trailer, storing in an outdoor parking space provides you with plenty of room and the necessary clearance to easily access it and maneuver it in and out of the space at all times. If your vehicle requires winterization, like a boat or RV, the open area that exists in an outdoor parking space gives you all the room you need to prepare your vehicle for the cold winter months while it’s parked. We recommend that you use an all-weather cover to provide your vehicle with protection from the elements while it is parked.

Our outdoor parking spaces are also ideal for anyone with multiple vehicles that will be used on rotation regularly. This is typically the case for someone in the landscape business for instance. You can park your work trailers at our facility and pick up only the one(s) you need on any given day, then simply park them back in their spaces at the end of your work day – with no hassle. Or, maybe you have an old tow trailer, a car and a truck that you want to store. Most of our facilities can provide you with a parking space large enough to accommodate all of them together, rather than separate them. That makes it easier and saves you some money.

Indoor Vehicle Storage

Indoor Parking SpaceThe option of indoor vehicle storage is geared more toward the vehicle enthusiast or someone who doesn’t have enough garage space at home. If you have one of those top down, speakers up, ride in style kind of cars; this is the parking option for you! Pull your car into one of our spacious and secure indoor vehicle storage units and walk away knowing your “baby” will be safe inside, out of the weather and out of sight. Or maybe your car doesn’t look the shiniest anymore, the trunk sometimes refuses to open, and your friends make fun of you for keeping the old gal. But regardless of all her “special features” you just can’t bear to have her sit outside in the rain and snow or there is no way you are giving her up…then an indoor vehicle storage space is for you.

Our drive up self storage units feature roll-up doors which are easy to open and close and a concrete slab floor – very similar to a typical garage. We recommend that you use a disc lock to secure your door. Disc locks are the industry standard and provide more protection than a regular cylinder lock. Our drive up units are available in a variety of sizes from a 5×10 which is perfect for your prized Harley Hog, through a 10×30 perfect for that ’57 Chevy.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when storing any type of vehicle in either type of parking space at our facilities. All contents of a parking space, indoor or outdoor, must:

  • be titled to the person signing the lease;
  • have current, valid insurance;
  • have current registration and licensing;
  • and be in good running conditioning.

You can also read one of our previous blogs, “What You Need to Know About Storing Titled Property” for more detailed information.

Now that you have some more information about outdoor parking and indoor parking, you should be able to make the decision on which one will work best for your needs. However, weighing the pros and cons can be exhausting. So if you’re still undecided, contact us or give us a call and one of our property managers will be happy to answer any further questions you have and help you choose the best option for your parking needs.

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