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Online Rentals – An Instant Success!

Online Rentals - An Instant Success!
On Wednesday, June 3rd, all of our York, Lancaster and Baltimore locations went live with a new and improved, highly functional Online Rental System, and success was immediate. Within the first two hours of launching the new system on our website, the Moove In Self Storage located at 1250 Shreiner Station Road in Lancaster had the first two rentals completed and customers arriving to move into their storage units!

We have always prided ourselves with being on the edge of technology and staying on top of current trends within our industry. To name a few examples of this, would be: Having our property managers receive their Certified Self Storage Manager certification through the national Self Storage Association (SSA); Providing multiple methods of payment such as in person, through the mail, over the phone and online; Having a call center after hours to answer our customers’ questions; Equipping all of our stores with state-of-the-art camera systems and electronic keypad gate access for customer safety; plus many more.

With the implementation of this new user-friendly and 100% online rental system, we continue to remain on the cusp of cutting-edge technology – all for the benefit of our customers and to make the move in process as simple as can be. Gone are the days of making an appointment to come see one of our property managers or calling us during regular business hours to reserve or rent a storage unit.

Convenience is the name of game here:

  • Locate the Moove In Self Storage nearest you
  • Choose the size and type of storage unit you wish to rent
  • Select an insurance plan
  • Fill out some contact information such as your name, address and phone number
  • Proceed with payment via a debit or credit card
  • Electronically sign the lease

This can all be accomplished in around five minutes. You can also set up automatic payments for even more convenience. Once you sign the lease electronically, you will receive an email confirmation with all the details of your transaction, along with a map of the facility so you can easily locate your storage unit. Once you arrive at the facility, there will be a welcome kit inside that includes some important information for you and a free disc lock for your storage unit!

Online Rental Example PageOur new system is especially beneficial these days when free time seems to escape us all too quickly. In between your two jobs and countless after school activities for the kids, how are you going to make time to come in and meet with a property manager? What if you live out of town or out of state and are moving to the area? Having the option to rent a storage unit online from start to finish eliminates the need for you to visit our office, which is especially beneficial if you are hours away or don’t get home until after we have closed for the day.

Here is a great example of how, within one week of launching our new online rental system, we helped a customer who had very specific storage needs. He didn’t know how he was going to get it all figured out in time and was starting to stress out about it all:

Mr. Hontz was in a storage crisis. He needed three or four drive up storage units very quickly to store vintage vehicles belonging to a private collector who was a customer of his. This was posing a problem for him at first due to scheduling and logistics. He just didn’t know how he was going to accomplish all of this in such a short time without traveling to the area himself, which he was not able to do. Not to mention that these vehicles are the prized possessions of his customer, and they needed to be handled with extreme care – nothing like a little extra stress at work, right? That is when he came across our Moove In Self Storage website and realized we offer the option to rent storage units online. He was ecstatic, his problems were solved! He went right to it and rented two 10×30 storage units and one 10×20 storage unit on the spot.

By renting the units he needed online, and coordinating his needs with the property manager through a quick phone call, Mr. Hontz didn’t have to worry about being physically on site. The vehicles were being shipped and delivered on a day he would not be in town and could not get to our facility. He provided the delivery driver with all the proper information on the storage units that he rented online, and the driver was able to place the vehicles into storage as soon as he arrived. His customer’s invaluable vehicles remained untouched and well cared for from the minute they arrived at our facility.

What a great success story! This truly proved to us that we made the right choice in developing our new online rental system to better serve our customers. If you work second or third shift, work a second job on the weekend or just cannot make it to our rental office during our regular business hours (just like Mr. Hontz) – we are here to meet your storage needs. You can rent a storage unit completely online 24/7, any day of the year, on any device, in just a few minutes!

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