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Oh No! I’m Locked Inside the Gate and the Office Is Closed!

Locked Inside the Facility - FeatureIt’s your worst nightmare. You forgot your gate code, it’s 7pm and the property manager has left for the day. Now you’re having flashbacks to high school when your locker combination just slips your mind and you’re late for class. You literally just used it minutes ago, but poof it’s gone, just like that. You ask yourself, “What am I going to do now?”

First of all, this is a very rare occurrence from our experience. So, you can breathe easy and realize that this will most likely never happen to you. However, if you take some simple precautions now, you can be prepared just in case you are unlucky enough to be in this scenario one day.

Gate Access Hours
It’s a good thing to note that our gate access hours are from 6am-10pm every day, even when the office is not open for business. These hours are listed on the business card you were given with your gate access code. They are also posted right on the gate as a reminder.

At 10pm, the gates lock and your code will no longer work. If you are outside the gate, you cannot gain access; and if you are inside, you will not be able to leave the property. It’s a good thing to set a reminder for yourself on your cell phone or watch if you are someone who will be accessing your unit later in the evening to prevent being stuck inside the gate. A little planning when you visit your self storage unit will go a long way.

Do Not Tail Gate through the Gate
Every time you enter or leave the property, you need to enter your individual access code into the keypad. Only our tenants and employees have access to our properties; to keep you and your belongings safe.

If someone who isn’t a tenant follows a car through the gate and onto the property, that person will have no way to open the gate upon leaving the property – leaving them stuck inside the fence. If you notice someone tail gating or following you through the gate without punching in a code, please call the property manager and let him or her know. This will help ensure that anyone who is not permitted on the property does not remain on the property.

If you are not a tenant and want to visit the property and take a tour, simply stop by the office during normal business hours. Please do not follow someone through the access gate. The property manager will be happy to give you a full tour and help you decide if our facility is the best fit for you.

Using the Man-Gate
So you have taken all the precautions and somehow you still manage to get locked inside the property…that is why we have the man-gate. A man-gate is a gate door designed to walk through rather than using the electronic gate to drive through, and looks just like a normal door in size and shape. While you may have to leave your car inside the gate, you can always leave the property through the man-gate, as it is always unlocked from the inside to the outside.

Once you go through the man-gate, you will not be able to go back through it from the outside until regular gate access hours of 6am-10pm. It will be locked from the outside. Since you can walk off the property through the man-gate, you can always call someone for a ride and pick up your car the following day. If you choose to do this, please be sure your car is not parked in the way of anyone’s storage unit or blocking the gate or any of the driveway or parking lot areas. Park it off to the side and out of the way, before you walk through the man-gate. Also make sure to call the office and leave a message, or send the property manager an email so he or she knows your car is on the property and will be picked up as soon as you are able to do so the following day.

After Hours CounselorsCalling Our Answering Service After Hours
You can also call our office number and it will redirect you to our call center. Our after hours counselors are available to help you Monday-Friday 8am-12am EDT (7am-11pm EST), Saturday 8am-10pm EDT (7am-9pm EST) and Sunday 10am-8pm EDT (9am-7pm EST). They will contact the property manager, who will then call you back to help you out.

24-Hour Gate Access
We are here to accommodate you. If you work outside the standard first shift hours, you can request adjusted access hours for the gate. The property manager will determine 24-hour gate access on a case by case basis. There may be an additional charge for this feature or you could be denied the additional access because it’s only given for special circumstances.

Please keep in mind, these gate hours are in place for your safety. The access gate is designed to keep unwanted visitors from accessing the property at any time, and to help us know who is on the property at all times through the individual access codes. These are security measures we take to ensure that you and your property are protected, whether you are on site or off site.

Even though it’s very unlikely that you will ever be stuck inside the gate, now you at least know the steps to take if it happens to you. Make some simple preparations and set reminders on your phone and you’ll be all set. If you have any questions about our gate access hours, you can contact us for more information or reach out to your property manager. Thank you for storing with Moove In Self Storage!

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