Moving To Northampton, MA Guide

Aerial view of Northampton, MA

For small-town New England living at its finest, few places are as lovely as Northampton, Massachusetts. If you’re moving to Northampton and looking for actionable information about the town like the weather, cost of living, and what to do when you need a moving company to get here, read on! We’ve got those answers plus tips and advice that will make your move to Northampton less stressful and more affordable! To start, check out our handy storage unit size guide.

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Relocating to Northampton, MA

Moving to Northampton (and the stress that comes with it) depends on many factors. Do you need to hire a moving company and let pro movers handle everything, or can you do it yourself? You can certainly pack many things yourself and save money, all you need are the right packing supplies. Below you’ll find a list of the most important tasks you must accomplish before and during your upcoming move to Northampton.

  • Start planning for your move from 4 to 8 weeks in advance.
  • If you need moving services, get 3 to 5 moving estimates.
  • Choose a mover and lock in your packing, pick-up, and delivery dates. (This is critical.)
  • Doing the moving yourself? Then start packing as soon as possible.
  • Gather all your essential documents like licenses, vehicle titles, school transcripts, medical files, vet files, etc,
  • Sell, donate, or throw away anything you don’t use, need or want. (Movers charge by weight!)
  • Reserve a storage unit before you arrive in Northampton.

What are the Best Neighborhoods in Northampton?

road to bridge and couple walking towards it

Every town in the United States has attractive, safe, and inviting neighborhoods, and Northampton is no different. This is a small town, so it’s already peaceful and quiet. Most neighborhoods will be the same, including the best of them on the list below.

  • Florence- Named after Florence, Italy, this neighborhood is similar in that it’s quiet and laid-back and offers many nature-based amenities like walking trails along the Mil River.
  • Leeds- The cultural heart of Northampton and a vibrant village. If you enjoy the arts, this community is perfect.
  • Bay State Village- A nice variety of families and living situations can be found in this quaint and quiet neighborhood.
  • Downtown Northampton- A thriving downtown area loaded with young go-getters and exciting nightlife? Yes, please!
  • Bridge Street- Primarily apartments and single-family homes here, with a surprisingly high level of community pride.
  • Pine Grove- Affordable, green, and diverse, this neighborhood would be a fantastic place to raise a family.
  • Laurel Park- 100 cozy and quaint cottages make up this Northampton community surrounded by parks.

Pros and Cons of Moving to Northampton

Every town in America has its pros and cons. To give you an idea of the pros and cons of Northampton, MA, we present the two lists below. You’ll be glad to note that the pros list is much longer than the cons list.

Pros of moving to Northampton

  • The public school system is highly rated
  • Housing costs aren’t sky high
  • The job market is strong
  • The nightlife in Northampton is exciting and fun
  • There are many outdoor activities to enjoy
  • The area is highly diverse
  • Northampton is rated very good for families
  • The summer comfort index in Northampton is 9.1, which is phenomenal.

Cons of moving to Northampton

  • Winter weather can be dreadful, cold, and long
  • Housing prices could be lower
  • Violent crime is slightly above the national average.

What is the Cost of Living Like in Northampton?

Northampton is located in one of the most expensive states in the United States, Massachusetts. That being said, the cost of living is significantly lower than in many other areas in the state. For example, while the average housing index in Massachusetts is 175 / 100 (75% higher than the national average), in Northampton, it’s 122.8, only 23 points above the national average. The median home cost in Northampton is nearly $160,000 lower than the average median home cost in Massachusetts. In other words, Northampton is one of the most affordable towns in the state. Below are the major cost indexes to help you compare.

Note: Remember, the U.S. average is 100, so any number above 100 is higher than the national average, and everything below is lower.

Overall. 105.5

Transportation. 86.4

Healthcare. 89.5

Groceries. 108.5

Utilities. 113

Housing. 122.8

Miscellaneous. 128.6

The median home cost $402,400 (The U.S. average is approximately $341,000)

What is Northampton Known For?

You might be surprised to learn that Northampton, in the last few years, has been recognized as one of the best towns in the United States for the arts and historic preservation. It’s located in the well-known 5-College area and boasts the prestigious Smith College for women. The town also has one of New England’s most dynamic, exhilarating downtown areas.

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