Moving Cross Country With Pets

Cross country moves are tricky. But moving cross country with pets? That can seem practically impossible. Between picking the best home for your pet to the big day, moving with pets can be a stressful time. Luckily, we’ve got some tips and tricks to help Fido get to your new home smoothly. Read on for our tips on how to move across the country with pets!

Before Moving, Take Your Pet to Your Vet for a Checkup

Moving is a stressful experience for everyone, and that includes your pet. To make sure that they can handle the stress, take them to your local veterinarian. There the vet can evaluate your pet to make sure that the move stress won’t affect them too severely. In short, you’ll be able to make sure that they’re healthy enough for the (sometimes strenuous) trip ahead.

If You’re Moving Cross Country With Pets, Microchip Them

Harmless and practically pain-free, a microchip is an excellent way to ensure you don’t lose your pet. For example, if they run off when you stop for a break, you’ll be able to find them again. The same goes for when you arrive in your new town or city.

Get New Pet Tags Before You Move Cross Country

Microchipping your pet is a great idea, it’s true. However, many people won’t go online or bring them to a veterinarian to check their chip. Most will, however, take a look at their dog tag (or cat tag, as it were). A pet tag with your name and contact info will increase the chance of getting them back if they get lost.

Moving Cross Country with Pets Takes Some Planning

Like your cross country move, moving with pets across the country takes a bit of planning and preparation. That’s especially true if you’re moving, for example, from one American coast to another. Unless you fly, that’s a lot of driving, which means a lot of stopping along the way for potty breaks. Below are a few tips for planning your cross country move with a pet:

  • Stock up on supplies like food, toys, snacks, etc.
  • Plan to take breaks every couple of hours to let your pet walk and go potty.
  • Don’t forget the poop bags! Cleaning up after your pet is essential no matter where they do their business.
  • Look for dog parks along the way using your GPS. (And, of course, stop to let them play and burn off energy!)

Talk to Your Vet about Safe Pet Sedatives

Here’s the thing; some pets, including dogs, cats, and birds, really freak out when moving. For that reason, talking to your veterinarian about safe sedatives or tranquilizers is an excellent idea. That way, your precious pet will be able to relax and sleep during the move. (More importantly, you’ll be able to concentrate on moving instead of dealing with a frantic pet.) If you’re not comfortable giving your animals prescribed medication for anxiety, try a melatonin treat.

moving cross country with pets

What To Do When you Arrive at Your New Home

Just like you, your pet will be incredibly curious when you arrive at your new home. Below are a few tips to help your pet explore their new digs;

  • Give them ample time to walk around and check out your new house or apartment.
  • Create a “safe space” for them somewhere in the house with their bed and toys
  • Go for a walk around your neighborhood so that they can “meet” the neighbors and their pets. (With caution, of course. Some pets don’t play well with others.)
  • Look online and find a new veterinarian with excellent reviews to be your pet’s new Doctor.

Best of Luck to You and Fido!

We hope you and your fur babies love their new home! If you need extra storage or supplies during your move, contact us or stop in any of our rental offices. We have all the packing and moving supplies you need. Last-minute moving? You can rent a storage unit online 24/7 and move in today!

Published on April 11, 2019. Updated July 9, 2021.