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Moove In Supports Quarryville Library Go-FORE Golf Event

Go-Fore Golf at Quarryville Library, Feature Image
Far Left: Property Manager, Tyranni Rineer, from Moove In Self Storage in Quarryville.  Right: Moove In Gift Bags.


Last Saturday, February 22nd, the Quarryville Library closed for business to host their 5th Annual Go-Fore Golf event. Students from Solanco High School built the very fun and family friendly golf course inside the library. The course featured 16 holes, each of which was sponsored by a number of local businesses and families who support the library. We, at Moove In Self Storage, sponsored Hole 6 and donated two gift bags for prizes to show our support!

You could tell as soon as you entered the library that it was an event for kids of all ages; from little ones being pushed around in strollers to the older “kids” holding their grandkids’ hands. Doors opened promptly at 10am to an already formed crowd at the door who were excited for the event to begin. The library was expecting a turnout of around 500 people throughout the day.

Cylo, the Lancaster Barnstormer’s mascot, attended the event to cheer everyone on as they putted their way through the course. He could be seen dancing it up with the kids, giving high fives and taking photos with the little ones. He sure is a crowd-pleaser!

Go-Fore Golf, Cylo
Cylo encouraging and cheering on some golfers.


Courses were designed with a variety of different effects and difficulties. Hole 1 had you putting the ball around a groundhog coming out of his burrow. At Hole 2 you had to maneuver around a bookcase. Hole 3 had an obstacle of books coming out of the green. One set was one my personal favorite: “Lemony Snicket and a Series of Unfortunate Events.” Another hole was set up like a mini jungle with a stuffed panther and even “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” had his day out on the course. One little kid was excited at the hole that featured water traps. He was telling me how his ball just jumped right over the water because it didn’t want to get wet.

Go-Fore Golf, Course Design
The Solanco High School students did a great job creating and constructing each hole for the event.


If you were one of the lucky ones at the final, and 16th, hole and you scored a hole-in-one, you received two Go-Fore Bucks to use at the Café!

Go-Fore Golf, Playing the Course
Left: One very happy golfer who scored a hole-in-one.

After you worked up an appetite from all that golfing, you could make your way to the 17th Hole Café for some food. A delicious spread was offered with an array of various vegetables for salad, baked goods such as brownies, cookies and muffins, and even a chocolate fountain for dipping strawberries…yum yum! At the 17th Hole Café you could also see balloon art being created by The Balunguy. The balloons were being twisted and manipulated into some amazing figures such as penguins, dinosaurs, cats, swords and what seemed to be the most popular at the event was a big eye octopus.

Go-Fore Golf, Food and Teh Balunguy
Left: Delicious spread of food from the 17th Hole Cafe. Right: Big eye octopus from The Balunguy.

There was also face painting, tic-tac-toe, a lollipop pull, a gopher inspired version of The Price is Right® and a Plinko® game. Coloring pages and crayons were on every table to keep children of all ages occupied as well.

Go-Fore Golf, 17th Hole Cafe
Right: A big “kid” enjoying some coloring. Left: A happy girl getting her face painted.


Later on at the event, the lights were turned out and the course was transformed into a glow golf course. Scores were kept and tallied and there were an array of prizes for the winners of each age group. I have to say, it turned out to be quite a successful event for the Quarryville Library and wouldn’t be surprised at all if they have an even bigger turnout for next year’s Go-Fore Golf event. We plan to be there and I hope you do, too!

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