Meeting of the Minds

Investment Real Estate Management, our Management Company, just had its annual meeting. This meeting brings together all managed properties for a day of seminars, training and awards.

The meeting was held at Heritage Hills, which is a great place to host any meeting.  The staff, location and the food is excellent.  The day started off with some Tenant Insurance Training from Bader Insurance.  That was followed by a Health and Wellness speaker who talked about ways to stay healthy, exercise, eat right and stay in balance.

After a healthy lunch the day continued with talks from various home office staff, including the District Manager and Accounting Staff.  This was followed by one of the high points of the afternoon, a state of the industry and state of the company address from John Gilliland, owner of all Moove In Properties and Investment Real Estate Management.

Marketing was the next topic of discussion and was presented by Julie Purcell of Epic Creative.  The employees had a great time talking about campaign ideas, fun videos and ways to really engage their customers and potential customers.

Jay Desai of Macro Advisors presented next.  He had insightful thoughts and great ideas about how to manage personal finances.

However, the highlight of the day was the Awards Ceremony.  It was great to review 2011 and see the pride on everyone’s faces that received a well-deserved self storage award.  Congrats to team members Suzy, Vic, Chris, Jason, Chad, and Peg for all your hard work.   This was followed by a staff cocktail hour, because owner John Gilliland knows how to have an employee meeting with style.   John Gilliland says, “Having meetings like this with all staff present is really important.  We strive to provide the best training to our Managers and it is always great to get everyone together.  It is also a great way to thank our Managers for their hard work.  I always look forward to this.“  Everybody enjoyed getting together for a day of learning, team building, and fun, and we all look forward to the next meeting.

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