Manheim Chamber Women Engaged in Business Breakfast

Manheim Chamber Women Engaged in Business Breakfast
Are You Plagued by Clutter? 40 Days to De-Clutter Your Home.

On the morning of Wednesday, March 4th, Moove In Self Storage in Manheim was host to all the ladies in the Manheim Chamber who take part in Women Engaged in Business seminars.

I am an Ambassador in the Manheim Chamber, and I had the pleasure to teach these ladies how to take back their homes in 30 minutes or less per day for 40 days. Everyone enjoyed a delicious breakfast, provided by Lintia’s Restaurant & Bakery, before we jumped into the curriculum. We went over small tasks to perform every day in order to get your home together, get rid of clutter and free up space for some of the things that may be “floating” around your home. We also covered how to maximize your storage with the services provided by Moove In Self Storage to help you get the job done.



Here’s a sample of our class, focusing on DAY 11 of our 40 Days to De-Clutter Program:

  • When tackling your coat closet or coat rack, consider the season, the current weather and how many different items of clothing are most commonly used. If you have a guest over, will there be room for their items? Find a home for the lesser-used items.
  • Shower Curtain Ring ChainAn easy way to free up space is to manage the small things. For scarves, purchase plastic shower curtain rings and link them into a chain, pull your scarves through the loops and hang the chain in the closet or on the lowest peg of the coat rack. Now all your scarves are in one place, easy to pick from and beautifully displayed!
  • Another great idea for small things is to make an attractive home for hats and gloves! You will need the following: a wooden plaque or board (approximately 1” deep, 6” tall and at least 12” wide) and make sure to get one that will fit all the clothespins that are needed for the items in your closet, wooden clothes pins (again, enough for what you need), a hot glue gun, small bottles of acrylic paint (to match the décor in your home) and brushes. Paint the plaque and clothespins to match your style, use hot glue to attach the pins to the board and then mount the board on the inside of the coat closet door or on the wall nearby the closet or coat rack. Finally, clip all the hats for each member of your household upside-down on the plaque and put the matching gloves inside them!
  • This idea is also great for your laundry room! Use these same steps to create a “lost socks” board and pin up all the socks missing their mate.

Gloves-Board Lost-Socks-Board
Our 40 day plan to kick clutter was full of awesome and creative ideas like this to maximize the space you have to make room for everything you need. All-in-all, it was a wonderful morning filled with awesome life hacks, stories and laughter! We are so happy the Manheim Chamber provided this opportunity for us to share our knowledge and services with the women in our community.

Do you have easy do-it-yourself ideas to help organize and de-clutter your home? Please post them in the comments below for everyone to share.

Are you interested in learning more about the steps in our 40 Days to De-Clutter Program? Give me a call at our Manheim location or contact us today and I would be happy to share it with you!

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