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Manheim Chamber: WEB Breakfast at Moove In Self Storage

On Wednesday, February 3rd, Moove In Self Storage hosted the Manheim Chamber’s Women Engaged In Business seminar. WEB, as it is locally known, is a group of business-driven women who live and work in Manheim. The women meet once a month with a different topic and presenter from within the chamber, and they rotate the location of each meeting. This month, Moove In Self Storage presented two round table topics: 40 Days to Declutter Your Life Program, and The Basics of Digital Marketing.

Kelly Lauver Welcomes MembersThe morning would not have been complete (or gone as well as it did) had it not been for The Tea Kettle Inn and Patty Tompkins! She catered the most delectable breakfast for our ladies with breakfast casserole, cherry almond scones fresh from the oven, fresh fruit, coffee and of course tea! All the ladies raved at what a lovely breakfast she prepared. Just remember, “With coffee, anyone can accomplish anything!”

Kelly Lauver, from the Manheim Chamber, opened the event with a welcome to the group. She asked each woman to introduce herself, say which business she was from and give a quick note on what she and/or the business does. Everyone welcomed back Jan from Bridal Boutique, and welcomed first time attendee and new member, Shruti, the new owner of ServPro of Western Lancaster County.

40 Days to Declutter Your Life

The Manheim Property Manager taught Moove In’s 40 Days to Declutter Your Life program that breaks the process down into just 10-40 minutes per day for 40 days, making it easier to tackle and less overwhelming. She provided some tips on how to “schedule” your time to ensure you complete each task before moving on to the next. The WEB attendees shared ideas, tips and life-hacks with one another that they have used before and many formulated a plan to attack the clutter in their homes.

40 Days to Declutter Class 40 Days to Declutter Class

From cleaning out closets to awesome ways to “upcycle” belongings, the ladies had a blast sharing their tales of how they tackled or planned to tackle the worst of their clutter. One member, Kathleen King, The Power of Possibilities, even stated that you can donate all of your unused/unopened shampoos, conditioners and other toiletries to Mental Health America of Lancaster County. No one in the room knew that, and everyone thought it was a great way to benefit the local community, while decluttering! Just about everyone has at least a handful of those freebies from hotels that you brought home just because you could.

Digital Marketing Basics: Website, Blogs & Social Media

Jess Dubbs Speaking on Digital MarketingThe Director of Marketing for Moove In, Jess Dubbs, illustrated the importance of an online presence in today’s world, and how every business regardless of how big or small needs to have a website and social media pages to reach customers. When she asked the WEB members if they all had a website for their business, all but one business answered yes. (Great to hear from a small community!) She provided some basic info on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your website and how to make sure your business is being found in searches. She talked about everything from how to use the right keywords in your text and naming your photos properly to tips on how to avoid being “blacklisted” by Google. All the tactics she provided are ones for no cost to help your website rank better organically while not blowing your budget.

She also reviewed the importance of blogging and gave pointers on how to approach them, how long they should be, the need for photos and how often you should be post new content to your website, as well as creating a schedule and sticking to it.

Jess wrapped it all up with quick Social Media tips like which platforms to use, when to post and how your social media presence can tie everything together between your followers, your blogs and your website. She ended the discussion with some social media statistics to help the WEB members see how many people you can reach and how often people are using their social media accounts, which is why you should be there and be active as a business.

Even with the very rainy start to the day and the meeting starting a bit later than normal because of the weather, all the women enjoyed themselves, shared some great tips, asked a lot of questions and learned a lot! Everyone at Moove In Self Storage wants to thank the Manheim Chamber for allowing us to host this great event and share some of our expert tips with our fellow small business owners and employees. They really are doing great things throughout the Manheim community and we recommend getting involved if you live or work in Manheim so you can benefit from everything they have to offer. If you don’t live in Manheim, you should check out your local Chamber of Commerce.

WEB members WEB members

If you are interested in the Moove In Self Storage 40 Days to Declutter Your Life program, contact any of our property managers or email us at For more information on the Manheim Chamber and its great programs for members, or if you are interested in joining the Chamber, please visit their website or email Kelly Lauver at

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