How To Make a Storage Payment When the Office is Closed

All of our facilities have convenient office hours in order to serve you, our customer. However, our offices are not open around the clock and all facilities are closed on Sunday. That means that you are not always able to come into the office to make your payments. But that’s no problem – we have many ways you can take care of paying your monthly rent for your self-storage unit.

Here’s How to Make a Storage Payment When the Office is Closed

  • Drop payment in the dropbox. We know that you cannot always make it to the office when we are open. If you stop by after hours, you can simply drop your check or money order in the payment drop box. Be sure to have your unit number printed legibly on the check or money order, or place it inside an envelope that has the tenant name and unit number written on the outside. You can also use our handy payment envelopes – ask your property manager for details. Please remember, never put cash in the drop box – only drop off checks or money orders. The property manager will email you a receipt the next business day.
  • Call the office to make a payment. That’s right. You can simply give us a call to make a payment. If you call during normal business hours, the property manager will gladly take your payment information over the phone. If you call after hours up until midnight, our call center can take a payment for you. Likewise, when the property manager is on site but isn’t able to answer your call because he or she is helping a customer on site or over the phone, the call center will answer and can take your payment. The property manager and our call center can email you a receipt for your records when you make phone payments.
  • Mail your payment. You can also drop a check or money order in the mail to us. Again, just be sure your name and unit number are written clearly so we can be sure to credit the correct account. You can use our payment envelopes to mail in your payment – just ask the property manager for details. Make sure you mail your storage unit payment with plenty of time to arrive by the first of the month so you won’t receive any late fees.
  • Pay online. You can visit our website and make a payment 24/7. All you need to do is create a free online account and have a credit or debit card for payment. This gives you the ability to manage your account online, set up automatic payments and make one-time payments…all at your fingertips! Many tenants that work multiple jobs, work alternate shifts or are attending school while also working, find this option the most convenient.

Payment Tips

A few things you should keep in mind regarding payments:

  • Rent is due on the first of the month
  • Anyone can make a payment on your account
  • Never put cash in the dropbox
  • Be sure to include the tenant’s name and unit number on checks and money orders.

You can always pay early or pay several months in advance if you would like. Late fees begin to accrue on the sixth of the month, so be sure to pay on time. If you are someone who just isn’t good with dates or tends to let things slip your mind, setting up an online account with automatic payments would make the most sense for you. Your payments go through even if the self storage office is not open.

How To Make a Storage Payment When the Office is Closed

Occasionally our office may be closed during normal business hours. Inclement weather is normally the culprit on these instances. However, there may be an unforeseen circumstance that prevents the property manager from being on site. There are also company events that occur a few times a year that will keep the property manager off site. In these instances, we make our best effort to post a note on the office door alerting you to the closure and noting when the office will reopen. Regardless of an event such as this, your payment is still due on the first.

How To Make a Storage Payment When the Office is Closed

If you have any questions about making storage payments when the office is open or closed, you can read one of our previous blogs, “Here’s the 411 on Making Payments…” which explains all the methods of payment you can use, contact us for more information. As always, we appreciate your business and thank you for storing with Moove In Self Storage!

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