Living in Pittsburgh: Pros and Cons

Are you planning to move to Pittsburgh, PA? If you are, you’ll be glad to know about the many attractions and low cost of living in Pittsburgh. You’ll also find great universities, affordable housing, and one of the best NFL teams in the league (Go Steelers!). We’re going to dig into all the pros and cons of living in Pittsburgh, so you can see the big picture before your move. Of course, no American city is perfect, and Pittsburgh is no exception. If you’d like to know the good and the bad before arriving, we’ve got the information you seek below. Read on to discover the pros and cons of living in Pittsburgh, PA, to prepare yourself before arriving!

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Pros of Living in Pittsburgh, PA

Cost of Living

Did you know Pittsburgh is number 2 on the list of safe and affordable cities in the US? One of the main reasons Pittsburgh is so high on the list is that homes in the city are very affordable. According to Niche, the median home cost in Pittsburgh, PA, is $125,000. That’s a phenomenal price and over $100,000 less than the national average. The low prices for homes make Pittsburgh a perfect place to buy your first home. The low cost of living in Pittsburgh means you can afford to live comfortably without the stress of expensive housing costs.

Below, we made a list of the most important cost indices in Pittsburgh so you can see and compare them all. An index of 100 means that the cost of that category matches the national average. If the index is less than 100 (like the overall cost of living), that means that Pittsburgh has lower costs than the national average.

  • Overall- 88/100
  • Groceries- 101/100
  • Healthcare- 86/100
  • Housing- 62/100 (This is one of the lowest in the U.S. for a major city.)
  • Median Home Cost- $125,000
  • Utilities- 102/100
  • Transportation- 106/100
  • Miscellaneous- 96/100
Living in Pittsburgh: Pros and Cons

Pittsburgh is a Pro Sports Paradise

If you love professional sports, Pittsburgh is going to be a blast! Some of the most storied teams in pro sports are here! The Pittsburgh Steelers are a titan in the NFL and have won 6 Super Bowls (so far). The Pittsburgh Pirates are one of Major League baseball’s oldest and most celebrated teams. (They started playing in the late 1800s!) Then there are the Pittsburgh Penguins, 5-time winners of the Stanley Cup in pro hockey! If cheering on winning pro sports teams is your fave pastime, living in Pittsburgh will be a dream come true!

Enjoy Great Skiing Near Pittsburgh, PA

If there’s one upside to living in Pittsburg in winter, it’s definitely snow skiing. Pittsburgh is close to some of the best ski resorts in the northeast! Most of these resorts are within 2 hours, but a few ski resorts are much closer! Make good use of the winter snow at these ski resorts near Pittsburgh, PA:

Successful City Public Schools

There are 75 public schools in the Pittsburgh school system. And most of them have at least a B if not an A rating. This is good news for parents looking for strong, local public schools for their families. There are several excellent universities and colleges in the city, including Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh. In short, you and your kids will have access to excellent education in Pittsburgh.

Cons of Living in Pittsburgh, PA

Crime in Pittsburgh is Problematic

Crime is an important factor when considering city living. The bad news is that Pittsburgh has slightly higher crime than the national average. For example, the U.S. average for violent crime is 23/100, while Pittsburgh’s is 38/100. That’s only 15% higher, so as long as you’re careful Pittsburgh can be a great home. Property crime is similar. The average across America is 36/100 while the Steel City is 46/100, 10 points higher. The silver lining is that the crime rate in Pittsburgh is falling. This shows that the city is revitalizing, so move there now while it’s affordable.

Cold and Snowy Winters in Pittsburgh, PA

You better bring your warmest winter coat, because the weather from November to March is cold and snowy. From December through February, almost every day is at or below freezing! While we don’t get many snow days, it usually comes down like crazy when it does snow! But don’t forget all this snow means there is great local skiing!

Struggling Economy

One of the biggest cons of living in Pittsburgh, PA? The economy has been struggling for several years with no end in sight. Unemployment, which averages 6% across the U.S., sits at 7.1% in Pittsburgh. The job market isn’t much better. It’s expected to grow by nearly 35% over the next decade across the rest of the country. However, it’s predicted to only grow by 24% in Pittsburgh. Our recommendation; be sure you have a good job lined up before you arrive in Steel City.

Living in Pittsburgh: Pros and Cons

Living in the Great Steel City, Pittsburgh

While it’s not perfect, we think you’ll agree that Pittsburgh, PA is a standout among American cities. Great schools, low crime, and winning sports teams make our city very liveable indeed. And don’t forget the great cost of living in Pittsburgh! If you’re moving here soon, we suggest reserving a storage unit in Pittsburgh, PA. That’s even more essential if you haven’t found your new home yet. When you arrive, your movers will be able to put your things directly into your Pittsburgh storage unit. That way, you can take your time and find a home that’s perfect for you and your family.

If you have any questions about self-storage in Pittsburgh, Moove In offers a convenient online chat feature. Better still, you can visit the Moove In Self Storage location in Pittsburgh, PA, and meet the on-site manager. They can be very helpful indeed and guide you to the best storage unit for your particular needs. We wish you the best of luck with your move until then! We’re positive that, once you’re settled in, you’re going to love living in the great Steel City, Pittsburgh, PA!

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