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Kick Clutter to the Curb!

Last blog we focused on cleaning, let’s take a look at organization. Your organized home can be the talk of the town with some more help from our friends at House Beautiful.

• Use a bin- What better way to store all of your mess than in neat, colorful bins? This way, you not only get an empty work space, but cute bins to decorate up any room!

• Put them together- Create a home office space by pushing two tables together and making a small corner for your creative genius to come to life. Hang a few plants and paintings, and you’ll be ready to work.

• Those accessories- Don’t leave your jewelry cluttered, instead, get a colorful mannequin hand for rings, bracelets, and any items that can go around it.

• Be aware- Organize all living room furniture for the specific activities that area is designed for. Put a sofa across from a TV, and a chaise beside a bookshelf.

• Shelf it- If it’s causing a problem, put it on a shelf. You can never go wrong by putting things on a shelf.

• Contain it- Small objects are hard to put away and keep track of, so donate small bowls and containers to those objects and put them on a shelf!

• List it- If you’re having trouble keeping track of items, or your schedule, a simple fun list will help. You can easily put a magnet on it, and stick it on your fridge!

• Picture this- Instead of leaving photographs lying around, with nobody to see them, get dozens of small frames and put them all on one wall in the hallway, or living room. That way, you and everyone in the house will be reminded of those good times.

With the new year rolling in, we are dedicated to leaving your life clutter-free and organized. We want to make 2013, a fresh start, and a fresh lifestyle that will leave you surrounded only with cheer, and elegance. Good luck and happy decorating.

Source:House Beautiful

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