Is the Cost of Living in North Liberty, Iowa, Affordable?

Are you moving to North Liberty, Iowa, sometime soon? If yes, you’ll be pleased to hear it’s the #1 Best Place to Buy a House in Cedar Rapids. In fact, it’s one of the best places to live in Iowa! North Liberty offers excellent schools, fun nightlife, plenty of jobs, good weather, and low crime rates. There are several beautiful lakes here for outdoor fun, and the city is highly ranked for families. One question that you might be asking, though, is if North Liberty, Iowa has an affordable cost of living. We’ve got information today that will help. Below we’ve gathered the indices for the costs of living in North Liberty, Iowa. If that’s the valuable financial information you’re searching for today, read on to find out more.

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Quick NOTE: All of the cost indices we use today are based on the national average of 100/100. So, for example, an index of 80/100 would mean that cost is 20% lower than the national average. A cost index of 120/100 means that cost is 20% higher. Moving on!

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Sugar Bottom in North Liberty

Overall, the Cost of Living in North Liberty is Affordable. 95/100

North Liberty, Iowa won’t be winning any awards for “cheapest place to live in the United States” anytime soon. That being said, 5% lower than the national average is still 5% savings. That could mean a tangible difference when it’s time to pay your monthly bills. As we’ll see further down, most of the cost indices are close to the national average. Two of them, however, are substantially different. (Hint: it’s healthcare and transportation.)

Healthcare Costs in North Liberty are More Expensive. 116/100

Considering the rest of the cost indices in North Liberty are right around the national average, healthcare is surprisingly high. A score of 116/100 isn’t disastrous by any means, but it still means 16% higher doctor and dental visits. For retirees, that could be problematic, as well as for families with young children. (They tend to need healthcare more often.)

The Cost of Miscellaneous Expenses in North Liberty, IA is slightly Expensive. 104/100

Getting a haircut, manicure, or new outfit in North Liberty, IA, will cost you 4% more than the national average. That’s not extreme, but it does mean you’ll spend a bit more on miscellaneous expenses every month. If you purchase a lot of clothes for work, for example, that could add up. Still, it’s not nearly as high as other towns and cities, especially New York, Los Angeles, or Houston.

Utilities Cost the Same as the National Average in North Liberty. 100/100

You’ll be glad to know that North Liberty, Iowa has a comfort index of 8.7/10. That means we get a lot of comfortable days between 70 and 80 F. It also means your utility bills won’t break the bank. They are precisely the same as the national average, by the way. When winter and its extreme cold come around, you’ll be glad for the extra savings here in North Liberty.

Groceries in North Liberty are a Tiny Bit Cheaper. 99/100

Putting food on the table is a must for American families, big or small. In North Liberty, while we aren’t a lot cheaper, we are slightly more affordable than the national average. Staple foods like milk, cheese, eggs, and chicken all cost less here, as well as adult beverages and other foods. Eating out is also more affordable, good news considering we offer many excellent restaurants.

North Liberty, Iowa’s Housing Cost is Affordable. 91/100

One of the highest monthly costs for most American families is their mortgage. In North Liberty, Iowa, the good news is that housing costs are 9% lower than the national average. That can make a substantial difference in the size of the home you purchase and your monthly mortgage bill. The median home cost in North Liberty is $253,600, about $40,000 less than the national average. By the way, many folks rent a storage unit in North Liberty, IA, to save money. That way, they can purchase a smaller home but still hold onto the things they love the most.

Transportation Costs in North Liberty, IA are Surprisingly Affordable. 77/100

Our final cost index today is probably the most surprising. Transportation costs are generally one of the highest in most towns, but, in North Liberty, they’re the cheapest. You’ll pay 33% less for things like gasoline, car repairs, maintenance, highway taxes, and tolls. Our commute time is also lower at 23 minutes one-way compared to 26.4 minutes nationally. Considering over 80% of commuters here drive their own car, that’s good news indeed.

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Sugar Bottom in North Liberty

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