What Are the Benefits of Drive Up Storage?

When searching for storage locations, you’ll often see the term “drive-up storage.” If you’re not exactly sure what it means (but you’d love to know), read on. We’ve got all the information you need to answer the question “what is drive-up storage” below!

What Is Drive-Up Storage?

Drive-up storage refers to a storage unit that’s located at a facility. (Like ours here at Moove In.) If you rent a drive-up storage unit, you can drive your car right up to it and park. Then, all you do is open the door for instant access! You can start loading or unloading your storage unit almost instantly! Many people find this the easiest and fastest storage option. Some even store their cars inside a drive-up unit, so they’re protected from the elements.

Difference Between Drive-Up Storage vs Inside Storage

There are several differences between drive-up storage and inside storage. For example, inside storage, you need to take your things inside the storage facility. (We provide large rolling carts to help you.) There you’ll find your storage unit and be able to pack or unpack it. In short, you can’t take your car up to an inside storage unit. You need to enter at a common entrance and bring your things in from there. (Parking is very close to the doors.)

Another significant difference between drive-up storage and inside storage is that inside storage can be temperature-controlled. In that way, things like antiques, vinyl records, files, collectibles, and more will be better protected. Just FYI, most of these storage units do not have temperature controls.

The Benefits of Using a Drive-Up Storage Unit

Many people find drive-up storage units the best option, and for good reason. Below are the top benefits you’ll get when you rent a drive-up unit:


Here’s the thing; it doesn’t get more convenient than a drive-up storage unit. That’s especially true if you have larger items to store like kitchen appliances, sofas, heavy furniture, and more. Being able to unload them directly into your unit is a big plus!

More Sizes

Most storage facilities only have a handful of inside storage unit sizes. Drive-up storage units come in a larger variety of sizes. You can get one that’s big enough to fit an entire 3-bedroom home if you like!

A Little Extra Space

While it may not be much, drive-up storage units typically have a little more space than inside units. Sometimes, that little bit of extra space can be a big help.

Affordable Prices

Because they aren’t temperature controlled, most drive-up storage units are more affordable than inside units. Yes, they might not be suitable for everything. However, if extreme temps don’t affect your things, a drive-up storage unit can save you a few bucks every month.

Very Easy Access to Your Stuff

If you have things in storage you need all the time, these are an excellent type of unit to use. All you do is drive there, open your unit, grab your things, and off you go! There’s no need to take your stuff inside, use a cart, and do all that extra work.

What Are the Benefits of Drive Up Storage?

What Sizes Are Drive-Up Storage Units?

These types of units come in several different sizes, including:

  • Small 5′ x 5′ units
  • 5′ x 10′
  • 5′ x 15′
  • Medium 10′ x 10′ units
  • 10′ x 15′
  • 10′ x 20′
  • Large 10′ x 25′ units
  • 10′ x 30′

What Should You Store in a Drive-Up Storage Unit?

The easiest way to answer this question is this; anything that isn’t affected by heat or cold. In the Northeast, the summer heat and winter cold can get extreme. As long as your things can take those extremes, they should be OK.

For example, typical, everyday household furniture and belongings should do just fine in a drive-up storage unit. Tools, supplies, and heavy-duty stuff are usually not a problem either. Also, you can store a vehicle like a car, truck, JetSki, boat, or even a bunch of canoes! Again, as long as the heat and cold won’t affect them, you can tear most anything in a drive-up storage unit.

Moove-In Has Drive-Up Storage All Over the Northeast

If you’re looking for clean, secure, and safe storage units, Moove In Self-Storage has them all over the northeast! We’re the leader in self-storage in this part of the country! We help people like yourself every day with an affordable way to store their stuff.

If you have questions about storage, you can chat with a manager online anytime. Even better, visit your local Moove In location and say hello to the on-site manager! They can show you around, answer your questions and help you get the process started.

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Originally published on 3/11/14. Updated on 8/30/21.

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