Ideas on How To Store Craft Supplies

Who doesn’t love a good craft? Whether your passion is sewing, painting, hand lettering, or anything else on the artsy side – it requires the use of tools and workspaces. Hobbies are an essential part of our personal lives. But they sometimes get in the way of day-to-day activities with the sheer space they require. That’s why we’ve put together our best ideas on how to store craft supplies.

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Invest in a Craft Storage Cart for Your Supplies

Craft storage carts can be a real lifesaver if you have an extensive (or enormous) collection of crafting materials. Sturdy but lightweight, most craft storage carts have wheels to move them around quickly. Many come with dividers also so that your crafting supplies stay well organized.

They aren’t all that expensive, either. Aldi, the low-frills grocery store chain, regularly sells crafting carts for under $40.00. Our suggestion: get a cart with wheels and extra surface space to use as a work area. When it comes to how to store craft supplies, a craft storage cart is tops!

Utilize Wall Space To Store Your Craft Supplies

Walls in many American homes are bare and plain. The thing is, though, that they offer a world of possibilities for storing craft supplies! There’s so much real estate on many walls that using them is a no-brainer! If you look on Amazon or Etsy, you’ll find so many different storage containers that hang on walls! Below are a few suggestions that can get you started:

  • Special storage bags that hang on a wall hook.
  • Lightweight wire racks that hang on the wall.
  • Adjustable shelves like the Closetmaid’s Shelftrack.
  • Use pretty fabric bins on basic metal shelving.
  • Don’t be afraid to use lots of wall hooks and baskets! They’re useful and trendy!
Ideas on How To Store Craft Supplies

Invest in Furniture that Doubles as Storage Space

Crafting supplies can take up a lot of space, no doubt. Furniture can take up space too, obviously, but furniture with storage inside is genius! A coffee table, for example, with drawers or a top that opens. End tables that double as craft storage. Footstools that have usable space inside. Etc, etc.

Some folks even build storage into their stairs, which adds all sorts of space for craft supplies. Anything that offers use as furniture and storage can be helpful, especially if your crafting is more than just a part-time hobby.

Purchase Clear Storage Bins for Your Craft Supplies

There’s nothing worse than not knowing where something is when you need it. That’s why storage experts recommend clear, plastic bins when storing almost anything, especially crafting supplies. Since you can see through them with ease, finding something specific is a breeze! Plus, they can help you stay organized when your crafting hobby grows. How to store craft supplies? Clear plastic bins are the best!

Ideas on How To Store Craft Supplies

Label All Your Storage Containers with Reusable Stickers

You can’t see everything in a storage box, even if it’s clear plastic. That’s why purchasing some reusable stickers is perfect, so you’ll always know what’s inside every container. Even better, the reusable stickers can be taken off and used again, saving you time and money.

Rent a Storage Unit That Can Double as a Craft Room

If your crafting hobby is massive, a temperature-controlled, inside storage space might be a perfect choice. During regular open hours, you can come in, do some crafting, get supplies and store new crafts. Even if you only use the storage unit to store your craft supplies, it’s so helpful. One suggestion; get a storage unit close to home, so you don’t have far to go if you need something. Lucky for you, we have just the storage unit you need! Give us a call or rent online today and start crafting tomorrow!

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Orginally published on 4/23/20. Updated 8/26/21.

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  1. It really helped when you said that organization is important if I were to go for self-storage options. As someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot, I think I need to sort my stuff first so I’ll be able to utilize the available space. I’ll try to look for a self-storage container that I can rent first and see what’s the smallest size that they offer.

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