How to Transfer to Another Storage Unit

There often comes a time when you realize you have way more stuff than you thought, especially when moving. You already secured a storage unit based on the size you assumed you needed, but as you keep moving things into that unit you suddenly realize everything is not going to fit! Stressed out and tired from the whole moving process, you are now faced with the dilemma of having to either get a second storage unit (which may be on the other side of the property) or moving items into a bigger unit to keep it all together. Have no fear because we are here to make it easy for you when you move property from one storage location to another!

Transfering Property to a Bigger Storage Unit

If you decide to get a bigger storage unit, which is often the better option, we can help. We can transfer what you have already paid for your current storage unit to your new larger storage unit, then you simply have to pay the difference and sign a new rental agreement. This is the easy part.

If you need help determining what size storage unit you need to transfer to, you can use our handy storage unit calculator or ask your knowledgeable property manager for assistance. Our team can help you determine how large you need to go to ensure it all will fit this time!

Since you now have to move from one storage unit to another, this is a good time to sort through all your items both in the storage unit and what you haven’t brought over yet. Decide what you are keeping, donating or throwing away. Also label the items and boxes that you need access to first and often, and the things you don’t need access to at all or less often. Be sure to place the things you don’t need in the back of the storage unit, and keep the things you need soon or frequently at the front of the unit. Don’t make yourself have to dig through it all to find that one important item!

Labeling and Organizing Boxes

Whether you have already labeled the boxes as you packed them or you are starting to label now, we suggest you group things together. Box together everyone’s summer clothes in one group, holiday decorations in another group, kitchen dishes and pans in another group and so on. Organizing by room and by family member is a great place to start. This way when the time comes, you don’t have to dig through everything looking for one particular box.

When you move property from one storage location to another, you can organize the unit better from the start. Larger items such as furniture and appliances should be placed along the walls and back to make more space. It’s almost like you are playing a game of Tetris! I suggest putting larger items towards one side or the back of the unit, and boxes and smaller items to the other side or front. This way you are not climbing over furniture to get to boxes, and when you need to find something, you are not searching crazily for it. Remember to place large heavy items on the bottom and smaller lighter items on the top. Be sure to take advantage of table tops and furniture drawers to place boxes on top of, underneath and inside to maximize your space.


Moving is difficult enough to have to deal with, but dealing with your storage unit doesn’t have to be. If you made a mistake in picking a storage unit that is too small, you now know there is a simple and easy fix. Simply talk with your property manager and transfer to a larger storage unit that will fit all of your belongings.

If you have more questions about transferring storage units, you can contact us at any time. We wish you the best of luck with your move!