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You need to keep your motorcycle in storage for an extended period of time. Maybe you are traveling abroad for six months, you’re in the military and will be on deployment for over a year, you broke your leg and can’t ride, or you need to store over the winter months – regardless of the situation, you will not be able to ride for a long while and need to keep your baby safe! We’ve got some tips on how to keep your ride looking and working great while in motorcycle dutch.

Rust, corrosion and inactivity can take a big toll on a motorcycle, dirt bike or ATV. Before you use motorcycle storage, make sure you take some important steps to protect her or you may be in for some nasty surprises when the time comes to break her out again for the next ride:

  • Motorcycle FluidsFill up your gas tank and fluids.
    Be sure to thoroughly inspect your ride for fluid leaks, then top off the gas tank and add fuel stabilizer. Refill or replace your brake, clutch and coolant fluids before placing in motorcycle storage.
  • Change your oil.
    Old mucky oil can corrode engine parts in just a few months sitting in storage. Be sure you have the oil changed right before you place your motorcycle into storage.
  • Motorcycle BatteryManage your battery life.
    Either remove the battery completely, trickle charge it while in storage or charge it completely initially and renew the charge once every month.
  • Keep your tires healthy.
    The best way to store your bike is on some kind of rack that prevents the weight of the bike from resting on the wheels. If that’s not possible, fill up the tires, rest the bike on its center stand, and if possible, rotate the front tire once a week.
  • Wash Your MotorcycleWax on.
    Wash, dry and wax your bike to make sure rust doesn’t creep in over the long months of rest. Make sure you get all the dirt out of the crevices and touch up any nicks in the paint.
  • Protect your exhaust pipes.
    Spray them with WD-40 and shove a clean towel inside the pipes to keep moisture from making its way in. And, if you end up with a spider nest or bees nest in there, that could be a real problem!
  • Choose a dim corner.
    Sunlight can stress your leather and paint, so find a dark place to store your motorcycle. Storage units are great for this with the metal roofs, walls and doors, very little light will make it in. Plus, the only time light will enter is when you open the door to access your bike – keeping it in the dark until you are ready to ride again.

Now that you’ve got everything in order to keep your motorcycle safe while in storage, make sure your motorcycle insurance policy covers anything that could happen while it’s sitting idle for long stretches. Contact your insurance provider for details on your coverage.

We are here to help! If you have questions about motorcycle storage, please contact us today or give any of our property managers a call. If you are ready to store your bike now, you can reserve a unit or rent a unit online today to get started!

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