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How Self Storage Can Help Military Members and Families

Active military members can often be assigned to long-term deployments and will have to relocate multiple times during their time in the armed forces, which for some includes packing up the whole family. After relocating, many service members live in relatively small military housing.

There was a total of 1.3 million active duty military and more than 800,000 reserve forces as of September 2017, according to Defense Department personnel data. Total active duty personnel for the five armed services was approximately 472,000 for the Army, 319,000 for the Navy, 319,000 for the Air Force, 184,000 for the Marine Corps and 41,000 for the Coast Guard.

Between deployments, relocating and living in tight spaces, the additional room of a self storage unit can be a huge convenience for military members and their families.

Using Self Storage During Relocation

Since enlisting means you are going to relocate at lease three times between basic training, technical school and your first duty assignment, you are likely going to face some wait time for permanent housing. In such a case, temporary space may be provided for military members, but what about all the other belongings and their family’s possessions? Whether you are a single member moving out of an apartment or a family of five relocating from a multi-room house, a storage unit can provide the room and security desired during this relocation.

The most apparent convenience of self storage is the extra space it affords. Storage units can range from the size of a locker to the size of garage and even larger. Typically speaking, a 10×10 unit provides enough space for the contents of a one-bedroom apartment while a 10×20 or even a 10×30 storage unit gives enough room to store multiple bedrooms, living room furniture, appliances and other items from your home. If you are unsure what size you need, you can read our previous blog on the topic, or ask any of our knowledgeable property managers.

Not only does self storage provide the temporary space needed during a relocation, it also keeps your belongings secure from theft and the elements. All of our storage locations offer security measures such as electronic keypad gate access, perimeter fencing, exterior lighting and video surveillance. If you’re moving to an area that has extreme seasonal weather such as freezing temperatures or high humidity, find a temperature control storage unit. These units maintain even temperatures year round to protect sensitive items such as wood and electronics. Otherwise you are probably fine going with a standard drive-up or interior access storage unit.

Where Can You Put Your Car When You’re Deployed?

A popular form of storage by military members is auto storage. Whether for personal or financial reasons, people often have a hard time parting ways with a vehicle. Renting a self storage unit can help with this as well. There are some guidelines to follow when storing titled property such as a car, truck, trailer or RV.

Storage facilities can offer three forms of auto storage: outdoor, covered and indoor. Moove In offers outdoor and indoor spaces at several of our locations.

  • Outdoor auto storage is the cheapest and most popular form. This essentially provides a large outdoor parking space. These can be grass, gravel or paved. They come in sizes to fit a small car up to a large RV or boat.
  • Covered auto storage provides an awning or some other type of overhead coverage. These are often available in states that have frequent hail storms or other forms of severe weather that can damage a vehicle. Think of tornado alley and the states of Oklahoma and Kansas, for example.
  • Indoor auto storage provides complete protection with a locked garage door. This is the most secure choice because the vehicle is out of site and out of the elements. If you are storing in a region with extreme seasonal weather or you have a more valuable vintage or sports car, this is the best option. Typically you will go with a 10×10 or 10×20 storage unit, which are the sizes of a standard garage.

When selecting the type of auto storage you need, make sure you find a storage property with strong security features and a property manager on site regularly to ensure your vehicle remains safe while you are away.

If you have any questions, please contact us or reach out to any of our knowledgeable property managers. And, if you are ready to start using self storage to prepare for your upcoming deployment, you can rent a storage unit online 24/7.

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