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Get Your Man Cave Ready For Football Season

Get Your Man Cave Ready for Football Season
Football fans from all over will be spectating from the comforts of their own “man cave”, or yours, before you know it. The hype of the last Super Bowl win by the New England Patriots with Tom Brady’s four-time Super Bowl MVP may be long gone. But now it’s time to start gearing up and preparing for the 2017-2018 season! You don’t want to miss any of the action. So get prepared and organize your “man cave” now, because pre-season starts next month.

Try these helpful tips to help get your “man cave” in order:

  • First and foremost, but certainly not the favorite, is to clean everything. Dust and remove debris. Clean your electronics until they sparkle. Clean any windows in the room. Vacuum if there is carpet. Spot clean the sofa and chairs if necessary to remove unsightly stains. Clean the TV screen with the proper cleaning agent. After all, a dirty cave is just that, and not impressive in the least.
  • Arrange all the seating to make sure every seat is viewer friendly. Test them out, sit in each seat. Do you have a great view no matter which seat you are in? You might have to test each one out a few times, like on bright sunny days and if you move the seats around at all. Does the seat still provide great viewing free from that window glare? You may need shades, blinds or curtains to solve that problem. Glare from lights in the room can be a problem, too. You can move the lights around if they are floor or table lights to find the location where they aren’t an issue. If you have a ceiling light that is causing a problem, plan to have it turned off during the game.
  • If there is no kitchen or wet bar, plan to have chips, dip and other snacks on hand. You can stock up ahead of time, as these items usually have a pretty decent shelf life. You can also fill up your freezer with ice and your fridge with beverages. If the fridge is not located inside your “man cave”, get a cooler or two and have them placed in optimal areas for easy access, so they are easy to fill up when game day arrives. Get your snack bowls, plates and napkins ready as well. You can place them on the coffee table or wherever they will be once filled and opened. Check to make sure their location will not block anyone’s view when people are accessing them.

Now is also the time to display your sports paraphernalia! Most likely if you have a “man cave”, you have a lot of sports items that you want to show off. Hang up that signed photo of your favorite quarterback. Display that game ball from your high school or college championship game. Place team pillows and throw blankets around if you have them. Whatever items you have that you can use to “support the team” should be placed around to get everyone ready to cheer on the best team around – you know…your team!

Your ultimate “man cave” will certainly need a few basics to be great, so don’t forget the following items:

  • Men Watching FootballAn enormous flat-screen TV, with surround sound.
    You know, make sure it is at least 40-50” or larger if you have the space. Surround sound is important if you are going to have a lot of people in there at once. The TV speakers these days just don’t hold up that well in noisy situations, and they often cannot be turned up that loud before distortion is heard.
  • Beverages and ice.
    Make sure you keep everyone’s favorite drinks on hand. That means a variety of soda, beer and bottled water to name a few. Get bags of ice and place them in the freezer.
  • Plates, cups and napkins.
    Spend a little extra and get ones in your team’s colors. You also want to buy the heavier duty ones so you don’t have any accidents from a plate that is overloaded and buckles, spilling everything on the floor or your furniture.
  • A garbage can or two, and a recycling bin.
    You want to make sure there are places to throw out used plates and empty bottles and cans.
  • End tables to hold plates and beverages.
    These should be placed near the seating so your guests have a place to sit their stuff down when watching the game. Make sure each seat has a place to set things.
  • Wireless internet.
    Let’s face it – everyone is on their phone these days, checking scores and posting to social media when their team gets that crazy touchdown. Make it easier for your guests and give them the wi-fi password for your guest network so they don’t have to use their data.
  • Gaming equipment and games.
    This could be darts, bag toss or even cards. You may want to keep hanging out when the game is over, or play during half time or between games.
  • Available electrical outlets or power strips.
    Make sure you have enough places to plug in all the electronics – like your TV and surround sound, and your guest’s phones if they need to recharge.
  • A kiddie play and nap area.
    This is important if you or your friends have children that will be tagging along. Try to have this area outside of your “man cave” but close enough that you can check on them periodically. Have some games on hand, coloring books and even pillows and blankets. You will need to have kid-friendly snacks and drinks as well. Make it a place the kids want to go so they can have fun even if they aren’t with you during the entire game.

You also need to plan for when the season ends and you have all these supplies that you need to put somewhere. Get a storage unit to keep your “man cave” organized during the off season. Don’t be left with dust collecting items sitting all over. Don’t let it become crowded and messy. Place those extra chairs, plates and cups, gaming equipment, bean bags, coolers and more in your self storage unit. When football season rolls around again, they will be in perfect condition and ready to use at a moment’s notice.

These helpful tips will keep you ready to relive the fun each NFL season and have your “man cave” in tip top shape all year long! If you are ready to get that storage unit now, you can rent one online 24/7. You can also contact us for more information.

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