From Mozart to Metallica: Creating a Space for Your Hobbies

If you’re planning to rent a storage unit for that excess stuff in the garage, attic and closets, why not also clear a space for yourself? Maybe you never thought about renting a storage unit for this purpose, but it can really bring value to your home and your spiritual being.

People began creating art and music before traditionally recorded history. Songs and stories were shared by the camp fire light. Children’s toys and basic tools were hand crafted from simple materials found in every area of the earth. In centuries past, people were more in tune with themselves and more connected to the world around them. We have come a long way from cave drawings, but many say the human race is going backwards in spiritual evolution. What happened to us?

In today’s busy world, it’s easy to fall into bad habits like lounging in front of the TV or snacking too much while wasting hours on social medial. Technology does a lot of the work for us, and our occupations and child rearing take up most of our time. Our modern culture has us existing more as robots than unique and creative beings. So why not create a space in your home to enjoy a new hobby! Keep your passions alive with a “book nook” or “crafting corner”.

Here are some ways to enrich your life by using a self storage unit to help designate a creative space in your home:

Are you musically inclined?

From Mozart to Metallica, playing music can help you relax and keep your mind sharp. The muscle memory will take time to develop, but many of us have an old guitar laying around. Just a new set of strings and some tuning and you’ll be on your way! In fact, it may be possible that each member of the family has an instrument collecting dust, so make it an ensemble! Reading sheet music betters your mathematical abilities and improves your comprehension skills. It also increases your memory capacity. If you never played an instrument before, now is the time to give it a try! You won’t regret it.

Maybe maps are more your thing.

Map skills come into play when planning trips for touring perspective college’s, going on “road trip” vacations and visiting family. A corner of the living room dedicated to travel and geography could liven up your life. The history of nations borders might be interesting to some folks. One of the best reasons to hone skills in a hobby is that it makes you more interesting too. You will have more to say at social gatherings if you give yourself a space to study maps and learn their history. Even consider learning a foreign language.

Here’s an easy one, writing.

All you will need is a sturdy desk and a comfortable chair. Pen and paper of course, or your favorite word processor or even an iPad or other tablet will do the trick. Sources say Quentin Tarantino, the famous director, still writes his own screen plays in pen! How much do you want to bet he has a special place in his home that is dedicated to writing time?

Whatever your preferred method of writing, find a corner or room with a nice window view and set up shop. Install a shelf or cabinet to keep your thesaurus and other reference materials handy. Load up on lined paper and good quality pens or pencils. Add a power strip to plug in your computer. And add a charging station to keep your devices at the ready. Remember to takes breaks for a stretch every now and then, or take a brisk walk to refresh your mind. And if your like Mr. Tarantino be sure to keep some white out handy as well!

Arts and crafts aren’t just for summer camp.

Clear out a space in the spare bedroom for a sewing machine or painting easel. Or add a crafting bench with drawers and bins for supplies. When life gets stressful, you can make a new dress or pair of slacks, or paint a beautiful scene to frame and enjoy. If you feel intimidated, start small by making new slip covers for the couch cushions or refinishing and painting some old furniture to make it like new. Wire-wrapped jewelry has been growing in popularity over the past few years. Between collecting the stones to use and twisting the wire into a variety of intricate designs, you’ll definitely have your hands full and you’ll have fun getting creative with new pieces. And don’t forget that handmade gifts are a timeless treasure. Plus the whole family can get involved. You’ll be saving money and expressing yourself at the same time. Sounds like fun, right?

Other ideas for a creative space in your home are:

  • Set up a meditation or yoga room
  • Create photo collages or start scrapbooking from that box of old photos in the closet
  • Take a stab at woodworking
  • Sew Halloween costumes for the kids

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The possibilities are just about endless. The important thing is that you choose something that interests you then dedicate an area in your home for it. Box up the junk, wrap up the gaudy old knick-knacks and give yourself some breathing room. Use your storage unit to clear out a space at home that’s just for you. Use that space for a hobby or craft and become a more confident and happy person!

If you’re ready to start your new hobby and need that extra space in your home. you can rent a storage unit online 24/7.  If you have any questions, please contact us or reach out to any of our knowledgeable property managers and we will be glad to help you get started using storage to your advantage.

And, once you get hobbying and you’ve created some masterpieces, share your ideas in the comments below. Best of luck!