Featured Partner: Pleasant View Retirement Community

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Pleasant-View-Retirement-BridgeManheim is the perfect small town for retiring. It is a very active community with so many things to take part in regularly. They have Roots Market on Tuesdays for locally sourced produce, meats and more. There are also many clubs and organizations that do everything from golfing, to wine tasting, to painting, to tracing this town’s history. Manheim hosts regular events in the Market Square year-round to celebrate the town and the community we are all so very fond of. And, it is also home to one of the best retirement communities around.

One of our business partners in Manheim, Pleasant View Retirement Community was originally founded as Pleasant View Rest Home by Grace Barto and Edna Hoffer. It was established on a family farm in 1955 as a faith-based haven for elderly Manheim residents. It has since evolved from many forms of care and lifestyle accommodations into one of the top-rated retirement communities in PA and has become an integral part of life in Manheim. Its modest roots have blossomed into a beautiful mini-town all its own (over 108 acres!), while still holding true to the original principles it was founded upon.

Pleasant View Retirement Resident Playing PoolThe more than 400 residents of Pleasant View Retirement Community are able to live active lifestyles and expand their horizons from the comfort and security of the Pleasant View Campus. Pleasant View also has a variety of events and activities that connect the residents with the community, one of which is Pleasant View Community Day every summer. Moove In Self Storage supports this event every year by attending as a vendor, handing out bottled water and goody bags to the community and hosting activities for the local kids at our booth. There are also many clubs, fitness classes and educational seminars to take part in within Pleasant View all year long that help residents meet new people and discover and share new hobbies.

Pleasant-View-Retirement-Residents-Swimming-PoolAmong the seminars offered each by Pleasant View Retirement Community are two designed by Moove In Self Storage and led by the property manager at our Manheim location. The first is “Downsizing: How to Pack and Store for Your Future”, where we go over the dos and don’ts of preparing to move into a retirement community; and the second class is a crash-course, “40 Days to De-Clutter Your Life”, to help you simplify your life before you move.

When it comes to deciding whether a retirement community is the right choice for you, Amanda Hall from Pleasant View helps potential residents through every step of the process. She will recommend movers, connect clients with realtors to help them sell their homes, and help clients plan their new home from the carpet up! She also keeps up with her residents after they move in to ensure they are completely satisfied with their experience. She is really a “Jack-of-all-trades” when it comes to what she can do for her residents, and they could not be happier with the services she provides. For more information on residency with Pleasant View Retirement Community and the services they offer, please contact Amanda Hall at 717-665-2445 or ahall@pleasantviewrc.org, or visit their website at www.pleasantviewrc.org.

Pleasant-View-Retirement-CottageAnd, because we partner with Pleasant View, we offer special discounts for current and potential residents to help them with their storage needs. You can ask Amanda at Pleasant View for details, or contact us for more information. You can also reserve or rent a self storage unit online now and get ready for the big move!

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