Featured Non-Profit: Solanco Cheerleading Association

Solanco Cheerleading Boosters
At Moove In Self Storage, we love helping support community programs and activities. For several years now we have been working very closely the Solanco Cheerleading Association. Not only do we sponsor some of their events, but they are also a tenant at our Quarryville location. And, for the past several years we have provided them with space for their annual registration and uniform pick-up at our Quarryville store.

Solanco-CheerleadersThe Cheerleading Association is actually just a part of the larger Solanco Sports Boosters. The mission of these organizations is to provide our local youth with productive, fun, fair and engaging activities and teach them where “dreams begin”.  While instructing the youths not only in the physical training, volunteers also promote the building of self-confidence, team work and skill-set development with a focus on good sportsmanship.

Programs like these are important stepping stones for the kids in every community to develop important life skills. These organizations rely heavily on volunteers, donations and sponsorships. We are firm believers in supporting our local communities, and are happy to sponsor the Solanco Cheerleading Association year after year. If you are interested in doing your part, whether you are a business or individual, please visit their website for more information. They are always looking for sponsors, advertisers and volunteers willing to give their time and energy at events. With organizations such as these losing funding from schools and local and state governments increasingly year over year, your support is needed now more than ever to keep them going!


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