Featured Non-Profit: Penryn Fire Department

Penryn Fire Department | Feature Image
The Penryn Fire Department was established on November 6, 1912 after a fire occurred at the Hoke Hotel in Penryn. A small group of citizens extinguished the blaze by forming a bucket brigade from a hand pump near the building.

Penryn Fire Department | TrainingFor the past 100 years, the Penryn Fire Department has been a totally volunteer fire department. These volunteers are properly trained and are dedicated to the needs of the community and mutual aid to surrounding area fire companies. It is currently located at 1441 North Penryn Road in Manheim. We are proud to partner with them and provide them solutions for their storage needs at our Manheim location.

The purpose of this organization is to prevent destructive fires, to safeguard the town of Penryn and its surrounding community from fire destruction.

The principles of this organization are: That every member of the Penryn Fire Company #1, Inc. shall recognize their duty to God and their fellow neighbor.

That they shall obey the laws of God, the laws of the United States, and the laws of the Commonwealth, and the rules of the Penryn Fire Company #1.

Penryn Fire Department | Fire PoliceCurrent funding for the fire department is provided by community resident donations, Pennsylvania State granting programs, Penn Township and the company’s annual mud sale held in March.

Penryn Fire Department currently has several responding vehicles include the following:

  • Engine 281- a 2004 Alf pumper
  • Engine 282 – a 1991 E-1 pumper
  • Squad 28 – a 1993 Simon-Duplex Marion walk-in box
  • Tanker 2008 – Kenworth Tanker carrying 3000 gallons of water and portable drop tank
  • Traffic 28 – a 1995 Ford fire police van
  • A rehab dedicated trailer

They are always looking for donations and volunteers. If you would like more information or are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact them on their website, email them at penrynfirefighter@gmail.com or call them at 717-665-6093.

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