Featured Non-Profit: Hempfield Band Boosters

Hempfield Band Boosters
Moove In Self Storage is very involved in supporting the communities we serve, and we oftentimes partner with local high schools and sports teams. One of those organizations who we are currently helping is the Hempfield Band Booster Club.

Hempfield Jazz BandThe Hempfield Band Booster Club needed storage space for their fundraising efforts for the HMK Indoor Percussion Band, and we were glad to provide them with a great storage unit to fit their needs. The HMK Indoor Percussion Band has recently won the TIA Scholastic ‘A’ Atlantic Coast Championships. We wish them continued success and the best of luck in their competitions and programs in the future.

They have teamed up with Fashion Republic Fundraising to help collect donations for children and families who are less fortunate. The Hempfield Band Booster Club uses their storage unit to house all of the donations they collect from members of our community until they can arrange for delivery or pick up with Fashion Republic. What a great reason to need a storage unit!

Many people are not familiar with Fashion Republic Fundraising, but they have been around since 1999 and started in New Jersey. They work with businesses and organizations, like the Hempfield Band Booster Club, to collect donations of clothing, shoes, accessories, household items (pillows, blankets, sheets, curtains, linens), toys and bikes for children and families in need. The majority of their charitable work is to provide these donations to countries that are under-developed and have very limited resources. Some of the countries they are providing for include Honduras, Haiti, India, Kenya and Poland. Right now Fashion Republic is teamed up with about 1,100 different schools and organizations in efforts to collect donations.

When asked about their fundraising efforts and partnering with Moove In Self Storage, the Hempfield Indoor Percussion Team 2016 had this to say:

Hempfield Band Boosters Donations“Who knew that those trash bags in our donated storage unit would help us meet our dream? The Hempfield Indoor Percussion team set out to attend the WGI World Championships this April in Dayton, Ohio, and needed to find a way to raise money to make the trip a possibility. We collected items that people no longer wanted, and were able to store them at Moove In until our fundraising partner, Fashion Republic Fundraising, could pick them. Then Fashion Republic paid us per pound for the donated items – and we collected 5,651 lbs (that’s almost 3 tons) of clothes!

Not only did this help our team, but those collected items are then shipped to some of the following countries to help people in need: Poland, Republic of Georgia, Ghana, Liberia, Honduras, Nicaragua, Haiti, India, Mali, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Kenya. It was important for us to help others as we were working on our own dream.

With the donation of the storage unit and all the donations we collected, we were able to raise nearly $1,000 to help pay for this trip. Thanks, again!”

To help support the Hempfield Band Booster Club and the HMK Indoor Percussion Band, donations can be brought to The Hempfield High School band room entrance. Pick-ups are every Thursday from 8:30-9:00pm. Please be sure to place items in well-tied plastic bags. For questions, you can contact Cris Burfete with the Hempfield Band Booster Club at 717-799-8707 or by email at hbbfundraising@gmail.com.

Let’s go, Knights!

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