Featured Business: Tacuma’s Moving, Hauling & Trash Removal

Tacuma's Moving, Hauling & Trash Removal
Moove In Self Storage in Baltimore has partnered with Tacuma’s for the past year. The services they provide are often needed by people who use self storage. After using storage for a period of time, there are many reasons why you may need Tacuma’s services:

  • You have decided to downsize to a smaller storage unit and there are items you really don’t want anymore. If you are going from a 10×20 to a 10×10, there is no way it’s all going to fit in there! Whatever items you are not donating or keeping, you can have Tacuma’s come haul it away for you.
  • You have been storing items from a loved one who passed away (or you just found out that they had a storage unit no one knew about), and you need to clean it out. You will likely find heirlooms and items you want to keep for yourself, which you can simply keep in storage. But, there will also be plenty of stuff that is broken, damaged or that no one wants. Especially if “Aunt Nancy” kept everything, regardless of its condition.
  • Couple Bought HomeYou were using self storage to help stage and sell your home. You finally sold your old house and you just bought your new home, how exciting! But, your new home is much smaller. There really isn’t enough room for all that stuff you had in storage in your new digs. Have Tacuma’s come haul it away!
  • You are moving into the area, and you need a self storage unit for all your large furniture and items you don’t need right away…but you just don’t have time to do it yourself. Their movers will handle your furniture and belongings like they are their own, and can move your stuff into your storage unit for you.
  • You want to move some things to your storage unit from your home, but you are older or unable to move them for whatever reason. Tacuma’s can come pick that stuff up from your home or office, haul it to your self storage unit and even put into storage for you.
  • Or, maybe you are cleaning out your garage or attic and you have a lot of stuff that is now trash. They will come haul away all that stuff your regular trash service won’t pick up.

These are just some examples of how Tacuma’s can help you with your moving and hauling needs. When our customers here in Baltimore have stuff that needs hauled away, we refer them to Tacuma’s every time! Their pricing is reasonable, and they offer up to a 20% discount when you use the coupon from our rental office. If you don’t have one of those coupons and you need to haul away some stuff, stop in to see me and pick one up.

Tacuma’s provides these services commercially or residentially; clean outs and eviction services as well. They are here to serve you! If you want more information, you can contact them via email at tyasin2010@yahoo.com or phone at 443-467-2322 for your FREE ESTIMATE today!

And, if you are cleaning out your home and found a lot of stuff that isn’t trash and you need somewhere to store it, contact us for more information or reserve or rent a storage unit online 24/7/365!

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