Feature Nonprofit: The Bodhana Group

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The Bodhana Group
is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that advocates the use of tabletop gaming as a directed therapeutic and clinical practice that can benefit personal growth, as well as enhance social and educational services to individuals and families. Basically, they believe the inherent benefit one gets from playing games can be focused and utilized to make one better. Better at math or reading. Better at socializing or emotional expression. Better at coping skills. Better at life.

Live Action Candyland - The Bodhana GroupLocated at 448 North State Street in Ephrata, PA, The Bodhana Group travels all over South Central PA to bring the power of tabletop games to the masses. Their board and role playing game programs help:

  • Children learn the foundations of education
  • Long-term hospital patients find ways to keep their spirits strong while their bodies may be failing them
  • Seniors maintain higher brain functioning and dexterity skills
  • And everyone benefits from the social impact of gaming with friends, families or even strangers

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When people think of board and role playing games, they often think of the classics like Monopoly® and Dungeons & Dragons®. While these games are still popular and certainly have merit, the game marketplace has exploded in the last decade. Games are now available in any genre you can imagine and utilize an array of game mechanics that inspire creativity and strategy.

  • Learning to Role Play - The Bodhana GroupThere are themed games that invite you to help Harry Potter® defend Hogwarts or play Superheroes saving the Universe.
  • Games with immersive story lines that allow you to step into the shoes of the Founding Fathers or civilians in a war-torn country.
  • Games that get you up from the table, using your fingers to flick a wooden disc across a western town or along a winding race track.

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Whether your goal is to just have fun or enhance your learning, by yourself or with a group, there’s a game for that! For more information, you can visit The Bodhana Group’s website or send them an email.

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Please patronize our business partners and request more information on how they can help you or your business. The Bodhana Group partners with our store on Route 741 in Lancaster, PA and we value their local businesses as part of our growing community.

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