FEATURE NON-PROFIT: Lancaster Creative Reuse

Ever finish a craft project and get stuck with excess supplies you no longer need, but throwing them away seems wasteful? Some crafting supplies like glue and paint will dry out over time and become useless. So, why not donate them instead?

There are many organizations throughout the York and Lancaster area accepting donated clothing, furniture and other household items. But what about arts and craft supplies such as acrylic paint, quilting fabric and yarn? Luckily there is Lancaster Creative Reuse! Their mission is to inspire creativity, increase access to the arts through affordability, and encourage reuse.

Lancaster Creative Reuse or LCR is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that provides over 100 types of recycled crafting supplies for sale and leads workshops for both children and adults. Founded in August 2010, LCR seeks to encourage creativity through the resource of donated supplies and volunteers. Located on Lincoln Highway, LCR offers an open craft table designed for crafters both young and old to use their imagination and creativity to create anything they want. What’s cooler than creating something out of nothing?

Not only is Lancaster Creative Reuse a donation service and storefront, they also work within the community to support numerous charities and other non-profits. Recently they have donated supplies to Hope 4 Women International, J.P. McCaskey High School and Water Street Health Services. LCR operates through a volunteer program and donations both financially and substantially. If interested in volunteering either by sorting and stocking product or teaching a workshop please email lancastercreativereuse@gmail.com. A list of denotable and requested supplies can be found on their website.

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