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Solanco Cheerleading Association
is a non-profit organization created for the purpose of instructing youth in the skills of cheerleading. Through this association, children can play, have fun and make friends without the fear of discrimination; where they can dream and participate in a team structure to learn fundamentals of fair play. The association promotes self-confidence, teamwork and skill set, as well as good sportsmanship.

Solanco Cheerleading Association, like many others, relies on volunteers to work with our youth. Board members, coaches and instructors donate over 500 hours a year to ensure the highest quality program available to the children participating. These volunteers donate time to set up tryouts and practices, as well as organize meets and competitions. The cheerleading squads range from third through eighth grade. There are four squads, who then cheer on the Solanco Mules football teams. They are granted use of the Solanco High’s football field, free of charge. In exchange, the players clean up trash after games.

The goal of every board member and coach is to develop well rounded young women who will learn the importance of education, in addition to the fundamentals of cheerleading, in an atmosphere favorable to developing mind, body and sound. Coaches do their best to ensure each teammate utilizes their utmost potential and talent to the whole team’s advantage. Instructors are current or former high school cheerleaders, who help keep the squad focused on the drills.

Solanco Mules Cheerleading Football GameSolanco Cheerleading Association has partnered with Moove in Self storage many times over the years. They typically hold their registration and uniform pickups at our Quarryville location.

If you are interested in learning about the Solanco Cheerleading Association, you can email them for more information. And, if your child is interested in becoming a cheerleader, you have fill out the physical form to get started, and email it to them for review.

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Please patronize our business and non-profit partners and request more information on how they can help you or your business. The Solanco Cheerleading Association partners with our store on Lancaster Pike in Quarryville, PA and has been a tenant with Moove In since 2010. We value their local organization as part of our growing community.

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