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Newton Kennel Club Feature
The Newton Kennel Club was incorporated on August 12, 1939 as the Lake Mohawk Kennel Club. Later in 1961, meetings were moved to the town of Newton and the name was changed to Newton Kennel Club. The club was founded by a small group of individuals dedicated to the preservation and advancement of the sport of pure bred dogs, and the training and enjoyment of the dog as a companion animal. They remain the only AKC recognized all-breed dog club in Sussex County, NJ.

Almost 80 years later, their purpose has not changed. They currently have almost fifty members who own 45 different breeds from Yorkshire Terriers to Great Danes. Some members compete in Conformation, Obedience, Rally and Tracking, while others just love dogs and enjoy socializing and making new friends.

The Newton Kennel Club has a deep and abiding concern for dogs’ best interests. Even though they are a pure-breed dog club, they value and concern all dogs.

The Newton Kennel Club holds their meetings at 8:30pm on the fourth Wednesday of every month at the Robert E. Little Community Center in Franklin, NJ (otherwise known at the old Franklin Armory). There are many benefits of attending the monthly meetings, including informative programs twice a year on a variety of subjects including canine health issues, dog-related legal issues and training. By attending the monthly meetings, you can meet and network with many long-time breeders and owners. You can also learn all about producing AKC Matches and Point Shows.

Newton Kennel ClubNewton Kennel Club is very active in the county and holds several annual events. They are host to AKC Point Shows and Match Shows every year. They also support community outreach by displaying a booth at “Newton Day” in June. Their booth is full of educational materials for pet owners. Members are also available at the event to answer questions. They also host “Responsible Dog Ownership Day” at their Points Show each year. The focus of this is to provide a wealth of information on health and training for your dog as well as tips for how to be a good neighbor.

If you love dogs and would like more information on joining the club, you can contact them via their website and someone will get back to you.

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