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Hibernate Bedding
was founded in 2012 by Scott and Ana Paladini, who combined Scott’s long family history in the mattress business with Anna’a career in retail and fashion. Together they came up with a concept that was about lessening the confusion, hassle and annoyance that has become synonymous with mattress shopping, while promoting healthier sleep through high quality products.

  • Hibernate Bedding, Anna & Scott, foundersFirst, Scott and Anna traveled to manufacturers all over the country to discover the highest quality products and created a specially curated selection of mattresses, pillows and accessories that help give the healthiest night’s sleep. Their product selection is geared towards organic, natural and eco-friendly mattresses such as OMI®, Savvyrest®, and Nature’s Spa® as well as specialty mattresses such as TempurPedic® and Beautyrest® Black.
  • Second, they created an employee training program that ensures customers get the personal attention they deserve with highly trained, non-commissioned sleep consultants.
  • Third, they make sure Hibernate Bedding is always held to the highest standards to assure that every customer is satisfied with their purchase.

Their mattress collection includes natural latex, memory foam and coil. They also provide organic mattresses, pillows and bedding. Hibernate Bedding offers bedroom furniture, pillows, sheets and toppers as well.

Hibernate Bedding has two locations. One is located at 80 Morristown Road in Bernardsville and can be reached via phone at 908-766-5450. The other location is located at 720 Monroe Street in the Monroe Center in Hoboken and can be reached via phone at 201-216-0165. If you are in need of a new mattress or bedding accessory, please visit their website or email them for more information.

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Please patronize our business partners and request more information on how they can help you or your business. Hibernate Bedding partners with our store on Hampton House Road in Newton, NJ and we value their local businesses as part of our growing community.

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