Feature Business: Heritage Center Print Shop Museum

Heritage Center Print Shop Museum
Heritage Center Print Shop Museum
was founded in 2004 in hopes of preserving the art and tradition of Letterpress Printing that was brought about in the 1920s. With today’s technology of smart phones, tablets and computers, it can become hard to maintain the traditions that once were. We have high schools and colleges fighting to keep Art programs that teach the practices of printing, bookmaking, letterpress and more funded and alive. But with everyone buying digital copies of books and magazines from websites and retailers, the art form is becoming lost.

Heritage Center Print Shop Museum - LetterpressHeritage Center Print Shop Museum wants to prevent that from happening. They work to preserve, educate and provide demonstrations to keep this tradition alive. Located at 346 North Queen Street in Lancaster, they provide hands-on workshops, special events for organizations and even demonstrations for professional groups. Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology has also joined in the fight by providing and donating a free space and equipment to the Heritage Center Print Shop Museum for hands-on Letterpress printing classes. To learn more about these classes, you can contact Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology directly.

Heritage Center Print Shop Museum takes pride in restoring old 1920s printing machines to their former glory. And they are also involved with helping the Boy Scouts earn their merit badge in printing!

Heritage Center Print Shop Museum - WorkshopDonations are always greatly appreciated and volunteers are welcome. If you would be interested in donating or volunteering, or you have an interest in learning more about Letterpress printing, email them or give them a call at 717-394-7201. They are open Thursday-Saturday from 12pm-4pm, Sunday 12pm-3pm and every first and third Friday of the month from 5pm-9pm. You can also join their monthly meetings held every fourth Wednesday of the month at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology, located at 1100 East Queen Street in Lancaster.

Heritage Center Print Shop Museum is one of our business partners and has been a storage tenant since 2013 at our Shreiner Station Road (Route 741) location in Lancaster, PA. If you’re interested in partnering with Moove In Self Storage and want to learn more about our tenant referral and business referral programs where you can earn some money, contact us today!

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