Storage Tips

Developing a Great Relationship with Your Property Manager

Developing a relationship with your property manager can be a rewarding experience. Not only for your belongings that you have inside your storage unit, but for you as well. We are aware that you may be going through a stressful time in your life; whether you are selling or buying a home, have an unplanned or sudden move, doing renovations, storing your elderly family member’s belongings, sorting through old belongings, storing a vehicle or a storing for your business that needs a secure facility. We want to help you find the best space to house your possessions and we want the moving experience to go smoothly and easily for you. There are a few things you should take note of before making the decision to rent your own storage unit.

Don’t be afraid to tell us why you are renting the storage unit and ask questions.

We have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to our property and our storage units. We need to know certain things, like how long you are going to store an item. We ask that because we can suggest the best unit type for your needs. For example, a drive up unit is best for short term storage and for frequent access to the items inside, or interior or a temperature controlled storage for long-term storage and for sensitive items like electronics and antiques.

You want to move in or move out of a storage unit. We can go over our policies for both situations with you before the actual move occurs so that you are fully aware and prepared for the big day. We can show you where your unit is located if you come during office hours. We also provide a map of the property so you can easily find your storage unit.

We can also guide you with tools you can use to store your items properly. We have checklists for packing, moving and storing that we can share. We also can recommend other blogs to read that are full of tips on using self storage.

And we are there to watch out for your belongings when you aren’t. You may be going through a domestic situation and we need to know who to look out for on the property or who may attempt to contact us on your behalf. For example; maybe a family member who had access to your storage unit previously is trying to gain access to it now but you no longer give them permission. Or, you use self storage for your business and you require package delivery on your behalf – we can accept those and even place them inside your storage unit for you. And maybe you have several employees who need access to your business storage unit. We can hold a key at the rental office and allow them to sign in and out as they need to use the storage unit. These are just the tip of the ice berg of scenarios that we may encounter as a property manager on a daily basis.

Please be sure to ask any questions you may have, even if they seem silly. We will happily address your questions and concerns and give you the best answer or solution that we can.

Keep in contact with us and let us know the best way to contact you.

If you are moving and need to update your account with a new address and phone number, please let us know right away! There are required correspondence that we send in the mail to you and even text or call you in regards to relating to your storage unit and monthly rent. We need to know and update your account information if you have done the following:

  • Changed your phone number
  • Your alternate contact has changed their number; or you want to change your alternate contact
  • Your mailing address and/or billing address has changed
  • Your email has changed
  • Your credit card has expired or you want to place another one on file

If you are sick in the hospital or another issue arises, please contact us or have your alternate contact reach out to us and let us know. If you prefer emails over phone calls or vice versa, that is another piece of information that will help us better assist you and make your storage experience the best it can be. These are all things that help us to help you. We need to have a method to reach you about any issues that may arise with your storage unit at any time – so keep your account information current and up-to-date with your property manager.

Maybe you have decided you no longer need the storage unit, or you need to transfer to a smaller or larger storage unit; let us know how we can help! Trouble keeping track of your storage keys or have too many on your keyring? We can offer you a free Moove In keychain to help with that! Or maybe you need a suggestion on how to stack items better or more easily access items inside your storage unit – you can just ask us or check out our informative blog full of every storage tip and trick that you need.

If you own a business and you have a storage unit with us, let us know about any events you are hosting. You can also provide us with business cards to keep in our rental office for other tenants to see. We have a Community Board dedicated for our business partners and charitable partners, and we can write down special events you may be hosting for our tenants to view.

Be mindful about who knows your gate access code and who has access to the keys to your lock.

As I have mentioned earlier, we offer self storage. We do walk-throughs of our properties twice a day despite weather conditions. We do this to ensure the safety of your items and our property. We provide 24-hour security cameras, lighting and record suspicious activities. Beyond those tools, it’s up to you to make the best decision for yourself about who can access your storage unit. You want to think about if that person is going to remember to slide the latch over to lock the door properly. (We do contact you if we notice your unit is not secured.) You want to think about what condition they will leave the items in the storage unit, or, if they will take items from the storage unit that they shouldn’t.

If you think someone has your keys (or you lost them) and you don’t want them to have access to your storage unit, contact your property manager right away. We can put our own lock on your storage unit until you can secure it yourself either with a new lock, or by getting your keys back from that person. We do offer new locks for sale in our stores for your convenience if you happen to need one. Remember that we do not have any keys to your locks unless you have given us one for business access purposes. We can also change your gate access code for you if that need arises for you as well.

We enjoy having you as our storage tenants and building great relationships with you! It is fun for us when we see you and your child skipping hand-in-hand on the walk back to the rental office after viewing the new storage unit where your items will be secured; or watching you slide down the snow-covered hill in your military boots. We are here to talk to you about health issues, or relationship issues, and have conversations about your love for trains, your documentary and the flowers you are driving an hour to buy on a gorgeous spring day. We love seeing the cool vehicles you are storing, too! And we want to show you the best way you can utilize the moving and storing products we offer for sale in our rental office.

Tell us about your business, because perhaps there is be something we can offer to help make your process simpler and more efficient. And we can tell you about our business referral program so you can earn account credits! We value our business partnerships and are always looking to develop new relationships.

We love being property managers because of our tenants! We get to make new friends on a regular basis in this business. We want to make sure you feel safe, confident and comfortable with your new storage unit and with our storage property. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to be your property manager. We look forward to speaking with you the next time you call or stop by!