De-Cluttering the Mind: Techniques for Managing Stress During a Move

Stress is a part of daily life. And we all know that added stress can come with moving. It is important to keep stress levels at a minimum, because our bodies can only take so much. Brain fog, memory loss, anxiety and physical exhaustion can occur when we let stress rule our lives. We can help you learn ways to prevent, cope with and alleviate stress during a move, and de-clutter your mind.

Eat Well.

When moving it may be difficult to eat well. Packed up pots and pans can mean more trips to the drive-thru or even skipping meals all together. Invest in some high protein, nonperishable snacks to keep on hand. Think granola, mixed nuts, beef jerky. Skip the energy drinks because caffeine can cause anxiety in high doses. Caffeine can also become addictive and lead to headaches when in withdrawal. Added sugars give you a quick boost, but sooner afterwards your blood sugar will crash leaving you less energized than you were before you consumed the beverage or treat. Reach for fresh fruits instead. Natural sugars are healthy and the fiber will keep you full and assist in digestion. Eating this way is cheaper than fast-food, and who doesn’t need some extra cash during a move?

Stay Hydrated.Bottle of Water

The next tip is easy – stay hydrated. We have been told this by our parents, school nurses, doctors and the media for practically our entire lives. But are you really drinking enough water? If you are like me, you probably have a few bottles of the stuff floating around in your car or on your desk. Just make sure you actually drink them! In fact, during a move it is important to drink even more than the “eight glasses a day” we always hear about. While regular water is best, all liquids count toward your daily water intake. So tea, juice and even soda are acceptable as well. Just watch the amount of sugar and caffeine.

Get Enough Sleep.

Keep a regular sleep schedule. Even if you take days off work to sign paperwork or meet other moving obligations, make sure you go to bed and wake up at your usual time. This too, may be difficult to do when the stresses of moving are getting to you. Try keeping a “Moving Notebook” on your bedside table. If thoughts and plans pop into your head while you are trying to catch some ZZZs, jot them down in the notebook for safe keeping and then go back to bed. Try not to use your cell phone to keep track of everything, especially at night, because studies have shown that the bright light emitted from a handheld device can interrupt your circadian rhythm if used within an hour of bedtime. Plus, once you are on your device, it will be tempting to check the internet or your social media apps, which will just waste more of your much-needed sleep time.

Rent a Storage Unit.

Start with the basics, rent a storage unit FIRST. Then worry about the moving truck and the extra hands to help. If you need help deciding on the size or type of unit you need, you can call our knowledgeable property managers for some assistance. We recommend actually visiting the self storage property you plan to use and take a tour with the property manager, so that you can see everything in person. If that is not possible due to you being out of state or too far away, you can watch our video tours to get a great sense of our locations. Once you can see the space you are going to use, you will be able to visualize everything much better. And since you will have access to your rented storage unit any day of the week from 6am to 10pm, it will be easy to plan the movers and trucks around that time frame.

If you are overthinking and worrying still, just try to remember that in a few weeks or maybe months you will be settled in your new home. You won’t be worried about the things that you are worried about now. You’ll be enjoying your new home and scolding the kids and spouse for bringing mud in on your fresh carpet or something similar. Yoga, deep breathing and distractions like going to the movies or getting that over-due oil change can be helpful, too. Stay focused on taking care of yourself, and in time everything will work out just fine.

And if you end up needing more boxes or tape or other packing and moving supplies, we sell those too! You can visit our fully stocked retail shop inside every rental office. And be sure to check out the rest of our blogs if you are stressing on a specific topic about moving. There are many good reads on here. And if you are ready to begin the moving process with little or no stress, rent a storage unit online now to get started.